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i speak without reservation from what i know and who i am. i do so with the understanding that all people should have the right to offer their voice to the chorus whether the result is harmony or dissonance. the worldsong is a colorless dirge without the differences which distinguish us, and it is that difference which should be celebrated not condemned. should any part of my music offend you, please do not close your ears to it. just take what you can use and go on.-ani difranco

My favorite diaries:

cjackson profile - diary
comments: Chris from Chicago. Sadly very sick. I wish I could go visit him, but I can't. Grr
emziedoo52 profile - diary
comments: M. Usual Suspect. I absolutley love her. One of the smartest people I know and so much fun to be around.
leeners profile - diary
comments: I. Another usual. So nice. Except to Trevor. But hey, maybe if he weren't so godamned annoying...
genius182 profile - diary
comments: Cathleen
jensbitch profile - diary
comments: Beth!!!! Amazing librarian. Helping to bridge the inter-library gap.
librarychick profile - diary
comments: Jen. She's a librarian. But that doesn't mean she's not cool. In fact, she's super cool. that's like coolness supersized.
m-1967 profile - diary
comments: Emily L.
neo-geek profile - diary
comments: Ben. Usual. except that's he's really not 'cause he's so fucking weird. But he likes Ani and other such good music. And the fact that he likes good movies doens't hurt either. Though I refuse to believe he always knows the endings
thatchriskid profile - diary
comments: Christopher. Another Usual. His parents buy me popsicles. It's great. He's an amazing hugger too.
toenzeru profile - diary
comments: Hamida. A dark poet. Haha. Dark. You'd get it if you knew her...
bethmaniac profile - diary
comments: Beth. Freaky weird. hard to understand. But at least she pretends to be my friend and lets me sit with her at lunch.
incuguru profile - diary
comments: Courtney
sasasara184r profile - diary
comments: sara. She's in most of my classes. Pretty cool. Though a little boy obsessed. But that's alright.
astrekgirl profile - diary
comments: Meagan. She works at the library and gives me rides occasionaly after school. Also co-editor of Labyrinth which makes her freaking awesome.
midesigns profile - diary
comments: M and I's design site
lettersanon profile - diary
comments: public diary
emeraldgrl profile - diary
comments: Joy
palepurple profile - diary
comments: Anna. Random diary. But she likes Ani.
tilt-a-whirl profile - diary
comments: Alyssa. Another random diary. She's a girl scout. Just like me!
assimilateme profile - diary
comments: Molly. Amazing girl. One of those ones who I'll remember my entire life. Too bad she's young and straight...
trollqueen profile - diary
comments: Lady. Britt. Another one of those librarian people. But I love her. She's so incredibly nice and likes Ani and Indigo Girls.
beautify profile - diary
cloud-blood profile - diary
comments: Lily. I'm not really sure.
reagansdiary profile - diary
comments: It's reagan, with an m. meagan.

My favorite music:

Bitch and Animal
comments: Back in the day people used to get dressed up to play croquet. I love them more than anything and want Animal all for my very own.
Ani DiFranco
comments: Could anyone be any more perfect?
Moxy Fruvous
comments: There are very few other bands who can give you the same variety that's given here. They've got every type of music. It's amazing
Paula Cole
comments: I totally love This Fire. I could (and sometimes do) listen to it over and over and over and over and over and over and, well, you get the point
Inidigo Girls
comments: Yes, I know they're country but I justify it by saying one, it's not really country, it's folk and two, they're lesbians

My favorite movies:

Cannibal the Musical
comments: Your eyes, your smile, make my little life worth while. There was nothing I couldn't do, when I was on top of you. So many great times watching that movie...
Donnie Darko
comments: I still don't totally understand it but it's intruiging
comments: I wonder how many people are having orgasms right now. 15.
comments: My all time favorite Kevin Smith movie. Alanis Morrisette is God. And God loves skee-ball. And I love skee-ball. And I'm Alanis Morrisette. Therefore, I am God!
Now and Then
comments: Classic coming of age story. And it has Christina Ricci. Hooray!

My favorite authors:

Roald Dahl
comments: I like to forget the fact that he was an anti-semite
Kurt Vonnegut
comments: Addictive. He makes just enough sense to understand what's happening but not enough that it's boring.
Robert Cormier
comments: Freaking disturbing. Especially After the First Death.
Joan Bauer
comments: She makes me want to sell shoes and become a waitress.
R.L. Stine
comments: His books are my vice. I love sneaking quick reads of them when I get the chance...

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