Marcia (pronunced like Mar-sea-ya)


what do you want to know about me? WHAT IS THERE TO KNOW.. eh.. you make it up anyway as you go..

My favorite diaries:

dolffie profile - diary
comments: i shall worship her as she sits in her F*R*I*E*N*D*S couch at central perk *spod
bing12345 profile - diary
comments: bingalingalingaling!!! politically driven lad.. *spod
ms-m profile - diary
comments: what to say about her.. she's funny haha..not funny teehee
fu-fu profile - diary
comments: i don't think he is a little bunny.. i could be wrong....
andshewas profile - diary
comments: oh oh oh ohhohohoh
rachelliz profile - diary
comments: an exciting person to chat with and friendly as all get out. *spod
jabberwockey profile - diary
comments: my best friend..oh.. and let's hope she's added an entry, eh? she can be captivating *spod
themyra profile - diary
comments: um.. there's a saying.. know something as well as something esle..*spod
duranfanatic profile - diary
comments: i don't know him well..but i hear he's a *spod
odalisk profile - diary
comments: traveller
khattan profile - diary
comments: i don't know her very well but she's something of a *spod
snowymom profile - diary
comments: weather channel, martha stewart, regis.. thumbs up to her!

My favorite music:

weird al
comments: play it.. i'll probably listen to it
comments: any song from the 20th centruy =) (covers it well eh? ..but i'm on the verge of lacking scott joplin..)
am dial
comments: talk radio, in sum.
canadian pop
comments: bare naked ladies, alanis morissette, ..uh..and others.. say "hi" and suggest and introduce me to more!!

My favorite movies:

strange brew
comments: take off the great white north.. it's a beauty way to go
80's humor
comments: spaceballs, airplane!, revenge of the nerds, better off dead..loads of others
classic movies
comments: casa blanca, meet me in st. louis, dr. strangelove, mr hobbs takes a vacation, and others
comments: sit down, john! sit down, john! for god's sake, john, sit down!
brain donors
comments: whee ...(don't suggest movies..i'll ignore you ;) jk. suggest them )

My favorite authors:

comments: bill bryson, dave barry, douglas adams, garrison keillor, will furguson
comments: if you know of any others i should look at say "hi" and suggest them =)
comments: if it's humor or history, i'll probably read it

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