F. Scott Fitzgerald will not exactly be turning over in his grave with jealousy over this journal but, it is fun for me to write .....


NO girlhood upbringing could ever possibly have given me such ostensible self esteem, to warrant writing about my day to day life. It is pretentious to think that everything bloggers do is worth documenting. This is a collection of articles. Some are self-referential, some are not.

Background Info...

Born in Boston in the late 50's.

I grew up in a quaint comfortable suburban East Coast town.

I attended a private girl's school , where the principal's name was affectionately dubbed "Sister George C. Scott". The nuns keep you in line.

I went to an all women's University in Boston. I received a B.S. in Nutrition . I survived addictive running, patholigical vegetarianism, and other trends growing up in the 60's and 70's..

Through my 20's and 30's,I liked kids but I never met the right person, and even if I had, I was too terrified to ever give birth . I used to make jokes about how I could never take the mind bending pain, the breasts that would forever point straight down to the floor, disfiguring permanent weight gain, a life of wearing pants so tight around the thighs that the fabric would be ready to explode, permanent stretch marks over 90 % of my body.

Ten years and a few bad dates later , I found myself unable to ignore the loudness of the ticking biological clock, nearing it's final chime. I was in my late 30's. I was dating a man who may not have been 100% "Mr. Right, but he was "Mr. Right here-and-now". He was smart enough. He was nice. No prison record could be found on any database, so we ended up geting married and quickly had a beautiful girl. Eleven months later, my son was born. I am one of those annoying women who managed to get pregnant on the very first try at 38, when my ovaries had no business being so cooperative. I am grateful, and sometimes, even now, still a bit shocked.

(and not a single disfiguring mark on my body, go figure.)

It was not long before the strains of every day life (with two babies, a bi-coastal move, and a lost job) caused a divorce . It is tough to be a single mom but we all manage to be mostly content. My beautiful girl and my beautiful boy are the light of my life, so I would not change a single thing that would have prevented them from ever existing .

I am making this all sound so deceptively easy, but there have been plenty of times in my life when I have had serious struggles with achieving peace of mind.

In the end, I believe we give too much power to our feelings and external conditions as determining factors in our happiness. I think we have to strive for peace within, and attempt to dismiss whatever negatives are happening around us.......Like we used to do as innocent children.

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Susan Issacs
comments: A lesser known -but -excellent writer with a combined style of satire/mystery
comments: Forensics true crime solving stories
comments: Any and all medical articles about advances in human health
comments: Bird watching books

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