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who am i? i am albert einstien. i am sylvia plath. i am bliss, i am depression. i am an angel, i am the devil. i am on top of the world, while six feet under. i am evil, i am good. i am innocent, i am tainted. Want to know my five words? (the best five to describe me...) 1. Beautiful 2. Tainted 3. Dangerous 4. Weird 5. Scared I am Cat! Read my diary!

My favorite diaries:

wigglestick profile - diary
therealcat profile - diary
comments: my secret diary, want the password? just ask! (it's unlocked now)
vnichols profile - diary
comments: no longer updating, but she wrote really interesting letters here...
caveshadows profile - diary
comments: a must read, she is simply amazing and quite the beautiful person. she needs to be a writer.
shinynwthing profile - diary
comments: my buddy angela! i think this is her secret diary, so if it is, I didn't tell you about it!
jason75 profile - diary
comments: he is a goofy guy, tells great stories and is a real sweetheart. I love the Aussies!
justakid04 profile - diary
comments: Angela's other diary. I love her to death!
tortureosama profile - diary
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crazyt1020 profile - diary
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strungout13 profile - diary
ktphillips profile - diary
galaxystar profile - diary
fiercelingua profile - diary
comments: I love her diary, always an interesting read and new look on life.
penchant profile - diary
comments: vnichols other diary where I get to read all of her wonderful views on life. always interesting.
keed profile - diary
comments: he thinks that my diary would date his diary.
callmejoe81 profile - diary
comments: baby nen's diaryland diary. her other one is on blurty.com and her username is dontassume
devallyk profile - diary
randomness profile - diary
comments: anyone with a username this cool is a must read!
two-bitpoet profile - diary
comments: i love her poetry. that is all she posts now, but it is some of the best stuff i will ever read.
paengz666 profile - diary
comments: a total sweetheart who keeps me looking up
bloodredtear profile - diary
grenjelybean profile - diary
comments: he rocks some of my best socks.
socialphobia profile - diary
morbidhippie profile - diary
movieboy profile - diary
comments: he added me to his list, i checked him out and now i read everytime he updates.
penmaster profile - diary
i-wna-rawk profile - diary
leslieirene profile - diary
comments: beautiful essays and poetry.
muppetathena profile - diary
christa02 profile - diary
comments: she rocks hard socks!
n410a profile - diary
comments: pfst.
z0tl profile - diary
comments: funny funny stuff, you rock my socks!
portraits profile - diary
comments: you haven't understood beauty until you have read something by portraits
scaronmywall profile - diary
comments: I love you!
blindsword profile - diary
comments: chuy rox my sox
f0rkgawddess profile - diary
evolharas profile - diary
comments: SaRaH! drama drama and some more drama just kidding!
sundayzdrive profile - diary
gods profile - diary
comments: they're watching me!!!
melomane profile - diary
comments: i saw her ad and it said MOL (meowing out loud) and i couldn't help but read her diary!
diaryquotes profile - diary
comments: something kind of interesting
quoted profile - diary
comments: good, funny stuff
patw-21 profile - diary
comments: i decided to love this dlander
antisocial51 profile - diary
comments: my wife! YaY she rocks my socks, check her out!
twelvebeer profile - diary
antihoyhoys profile - diary
comments: SeW iS oNe SeXy 8tH GrAdEr!
irmiakoda profile - diary
comments: my friend from the islands, her and her native american self are sexy!

My favorite music:

eve 6
comments: mxpx, michelle branch, good charlotte, mest, ataris, anberlin, something corperate
senses fail
comments: finch, cursive, allister, home grown, yellowcard, matchbook romance, madison
the beatles
comments: pink floyd, rolling stones, van halen, cat stevens
liz phair
comments: beth orton, rilo kiley, pj harvey, kay hanley, letters to cleo
local bands
comments: uvr, the kgb, 10 after (RIP), disharmony, the willknots, verdue harding, fairwell madison, jojo gregorio

My favorite movies:

the life of david gale
comments: *sigh*
10 things i hate abou you
comments: watch it.
the princess and the warrior
comments: amazing.
big daddy
comments: if adam sandler is in it, it is good.
donnie darko
comments: *droll* donnie is my boyfriend, you can even ask him on friendster. igby goes down

My favorite authors:

sarah mylnowski
comments: milkrun is an amazing book anne marie lederer: she is going to be a famous author someday!
janet fitch
comments: read white oleander, the author of stargirl is amazing, read that one too
steven king
comments: dean koontz
edgar allen poe
comments: john stienbeck
wiliam shakespeare
comments: barbara kingsolver, anything i had to read for AP english

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