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Yo! ^_^ Jen desu! Not that it matters much; this diary is for fan-related ranting only! ^.^ Wanna know about me, find one of my other diaries.

My favorite diaries:

RoaPearl profile - diary
comments: Roalee, my eccentric Vegeta/Kyo fan of a roomate. ^_^
AkaiPussy profile - diary
comments: Wow, this girl is a LOT like Roalee..^_^ I'm sure I'd like her if I met her in real life! Anyone who's an otaku has got to be cool...
Blueentropy profile - diary
comments: I just adore her diary! Plus, she's so easy to relate to...
telepathy profile - diary
comments: Yay for like minds. ^_^ I like this one already.
Dracoism profile - diary
comments: Wow! I found this on my referals page. ^_^ Cool looking site, and great art!
tia-marie profile - diary
comments: Interesting...it was a random banner I saw with Faye on it. ^_^ Any otaku is fine by me!
animegrrl profile - diary
comments: randomly found this. o.o I liked the layout, so I started reading.

My favorite music:

High and Mighty Color
comments: I ADORE this group! ::finally found their CD::
TM Revolution
comments: Japanese male singers have such deep and succulent voices. I could listen to this man sing forever.
Anime Music
comments: That's right. If it's from an anime. I probably like it. ^_^; Especially if they're sung by certain seiyuu... *TakehitoKoyasu*
Orange Range
comments: They are the closest I've ever come to obsessing over a band. >.> If they ever do a US show (which they want to) I AM GOING THERE.
Linkin Park
comments: The music that becomes the soundtrack to my life.

My favorite movies:

Lord of the Rings
comments: Apparently the only English movie that merited mention on this list. I like this, and Pirates of the Carribean. I'm a sucker for action/fantasy...^_^
Perfect Blue
comments: An absolutely stunning and weird anime movie. If your mind isn't already warped, this will do the trick.
comments: I love both the series and the manga (different as they are.) I'm surprised it's not more popular!
Ouran High School Host Club
comments: Not a movie, but an excellent anime, and my current obsession.
comments: I'm not entirely sure why I love this series so much (other than Yuuko *_*) But I do.

My favorite authors:

Yukiru ther things. Her art and stories are wonderful!Sugisaki
comments: Manga artist and author of DNAngel, among other things. Her art is so beautiful, thus the reason I love her.
comments: The Goddesses of the manga world. ^_^ All hail CLAMP!
Rumiko Takahashi
comments: Author of Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha...two of my favorite manga!
Tite Kubo
comments: BLEACH and Zombie Powder. His art is so good, but I'm more awed by his ability to make all of his many characters seem so different, and all so important.
comments: Does that sound arrogant? I AM a writer, and I like my own work well enough...I'm a fanfic writer, and I'm currently working on a novel.

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