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Everybody loves Tofu!

My favorite diaries:

florat profile - diary
comments: 教書老師,在情路上她永遠不怕跌倒勇敢面對
isra profile - diary
comments: Murakami reading, and cool guy from Chicago
arianaj profile - diary
comments: 北京盟友 - 現身在南半球奮力作戰
chainsawriot profile - diary
comments: 盟友, 很喜歡跟他聊音樂,Mac,科幻電影,時事,從他身上學了不少有關知識.
rosery profile - diary
comments: 台灣盟友
orangelife profile - diary
comments: 一家人耶!
isle profile - diary
comments: 一針見血,拍案叫絕的時事評論
shiuto profile - diary
comments: 一直都睇開她的筆記
tiney profile - diary
comments: 盟友 - 孩子氣,愛烹飪和做手工
gcgoop profile - diary
comments: 10g coffee

My favorite music:

comments: Come as you are!
Smashing Pumpkins
comments: Mellon Collie and Infinity Sadness is my all-time favor
Sonic Youth
comments: 實驗不死!
comments: sad but true, and sometimes heart-breaking
The Beatles
comments: Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, U2, Weezer, L7, Cocco, Hideki Kaji, Flipper Guitar, Nine Inch Nails

My favorite movies:

comments: 先入為主,細個時睇見風木蘭起死回生站於金色"土地"上,感動到喊呀,仲有悅耳的配樂,正!
The Big Blue(夜海傾情)
comments: Jacque 的意願教人心悸不安, director's cut 故事更完整更有感情。
comments: 最鍾意633自言自語的獨白, 怎麼黃家衛的女角多數都係士多妹呀,快餐妹﹖
comments: 睇完令人瘋狂的動畫
comments: I end up crying and smiling at the same time.

My favorite authors:

comments: 第一本睇同最愛係聽風的歌。
comments: 散文同小說同樣好睇,不過有時睇完之後有說不出的滄涼。。。
comments: 拾香記係本地難得一見的佳作,其後「沉睡十年」略有亦舒的影子,期待她的長篇小說
comments: 中學時讀過一篇豐老師的散文後,便不斷看他的作品,他散文裡,一切都是美好的。

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