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Originally a bit more diary than it is now, online hub for Danny's shite.

Diary stuff, real stories, and serious talk goes here.

Bullshite is for Puuba.

My favorite diaries:

jesbohn profile - diary
comments: Never have I seen such beauty in a Jes.
ssjmarteney profile - diary
comments: My conscience. A best friend. Impresses me near daily.
nicegy456 profile - diary
comments: unconditional love
bohner profile - diary
comments: See, its a play off of PENIS. Get it? PENIS.
blueshouse profile - diary
comments: Manchild was a Maaaan. He was a biiiiiiig maaaaaan.
igsnwmonkie profile - diary
comments: I'm stealing you. You're MY sister now.
bohnertime profile - diary
comments: It's a secret to everyone.
lilu195 profile - diary
comments: I don't care where she is. Or how often we talk. Still a bestest friend o' mine.
mrd00d profile - diary
comments: d00d. quiet. loud. when drunk.
furtherfromu profile - diary
comments: Nico... I used to think it meant "crazy". Then, I found out that that Spanish lady went nuts...
whiteshark profile - diary
comments: Sharks eat people. So does Jes.

My favorite music:

Mindless Self Indulgence
comments: Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk
Soul Coughing
comments: La la lala laaaaa.
comments: Cuz I love Brian Molko's voice. Also, I saw his wang before I knew his name. Maybe.
Tub Ring
comments: Because every song should have been off a different CD.
Trance, Rock, and Fusions-thereof
comments: Depeche Mode, Zwan, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Alpinestars, Underworld, The Killers

My favorite movies:

Family Guy
comments: I'm using this space for cartoons instead.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
comments: His name is Shakezulla. The mike rula'.
Sealab 2021
comments: The strength of 5 Goooorillas.
comments: Donkeys aren't monkeys!

My favorite authors:

comments: Although I cannot spell his name.
Daniel Quinn
comments: Which I can spell because it's next to me.

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