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I am a 23-year-old girl of Persian, Hawaiian, Spanish, Filipino, and Chinese extraction. My long-term project is to find my own way in this complicated world without the traditional dictates of my parents and organized religion.

My favorite diaries:

augustdreams profile - diary
comments: She has a fine sense of humor, and is very compassionate towards animals
tater-fay profile - diary
comments: Upbeat and amusing.
cuffme profile - diary
comments: She's a true metalhead...what more can I say?
jex profile - diary
comments: An intelligent and witty metalhead...apparently Pagan as well. Yay!
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Hilarious and dangerously intelligent.

My favorite music:

Iron Maiden
comments: The best of the veteran metal bands
comments: Truly beautiful music; don't let the name mislead you. R.I.P. Chuck
comments: Gothic-flavored music with an opera-trained female vocalist
comments: Music on a grand scale, to say the least. It incorporates many diverse elements into an exquisite whole.
Lost Horizon
comments: I adore them! Fantastic musicianship paired with unusually metaphysical lyrics. Their ideas are often the same as mine, which both comforts and delights me. Other bands: Edguy, Norther, Kalmah, Gamma Ray...

My favorite movies:

The Emperor and the Assassin
comments: A film replete with fighting and political machinations. Those Chinese are a little too crafty; President Crackhead beware!
Gadjo Dilo
comments: I haven't even seen this film in its entirety, and I love it. A noisy, intense film with a simple, yet profound ending. Not sure what the French boy in this film has against combing his hair, but ah well.
The Hours
comments: I identify very well with the main characters, as I am quite looney myself.
The Fantastic Adventures of Unico
comments: So cute. Despite being anime directed at children, this movie can be appreciated by all age groups. A great storyline, with truly original characters.
Lord of the Rings
comments: How could I forget? It is arguably the best fantasy movie of all time. It is dramatic, without being cheesy...and this pervert must note the pretty men as well! Haha.

My favorite authors:

Edgar Allen Poe
comments: Fantastic poetry. "Annabel Lee" is one of my favorites.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
comments: My new hero! His idealism has brought tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart.
Lord Byron
comments: A poet for the tortured soul. His forlorn characters help me to feel a bit less isolated.
Gerard Manley Hopkins
comments: Such exquisite skill. "Spring and Fall" and "The Caged Skylark" are my favorites.
Alfred Lord Tennyson
comments: Incredible! His verbal mastery makes for fantastic poetry, even when the subject matter isn't particularly original.

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