Pretentious White-boy Musings

What should such fellows as I do, crawling between earth and heaven? We are arrant knaves/errant knights all, believe none of us.

My favorite diaries:

actionhero profile - diary
comments: A round of Guiness and Pimp Suki Saki for our fallen comrade. Here's to reincarnation.
malraux profile - diary
comments: A Wiseman, in the old sense of the word. He drinks, smokes, thinks and jokes. You are assured a good read.
Achlis profile - diary
comments: A man with his head in the clouds, but only because he's fucking HUGE. A 7 foot Viking-Celtic crossover of a man, with a brain matched only by his brawn.
alongcamea profile - diary
comments: Immerse yourself in her life, for she is the founder of the New College Web Ring, and all things golden are therefore attributed to her. Plus, she dated Captain Depression and lived.d.
heph profile - diary
comments: The Grand Vizier. He teaches, no surprise to those of us who have learned so much from him. Envy his students.
Ladyjeangrey profile - diary
comments: Words words words. But what is the matter?
Mr. Fish profile - diary
comments: Breaks my heart to hear of broken budgets bouncing through my buddha's hippy hair, but Banyans help. At least when you can afford them.
Wheeloffish profile - diary
comments: The 7 foot troll, the culinary leprechaun, the hermit crab in the spandex of life, is our man Wheel.
Thepicnicker profile - diary
comments: Never met the man, but he hails from the Isles (British, that is), so he's all right in my book. Also, he's witty, interesting, and candid, so there's that, too.
arcanologist profile - diary
comments: She's terrible at updating, but then, that truly makes her one of us, don't it? Watch her attain enlightenment.
kideternity profile - diary
comments: An Occasional updater. If I were the jealous type, I'd be afraid she'd forgotten us... (whimper)
Cloudyvision profile - diary
comments: She directs Gods. Ask her about that sometime.
Omegaserpent profile - diary
comments: Say a quick Efkharisto for the presence of this Greek in our fold.
Pairodox profile - diary
comments: A belated welcome, more to come as soon as the bastard adds some content. He makes me uncontented.
Julieclipse profile - diary
comments: Dolphins, Dolphins everywhere, and though not fish, do squeek.

My favorite music:

Ben Folds Five
comments: Really amazing what you can do with a piano, isn't it? Punk for Wussies.
The Beatles
comments: Paul McCartney had an edge, John Lennon down-to-earth, George Harrison was popular, and Ringo had it made.
The Police
comments: Ahhh, the glory days of eighties rock. Synchronicity II.

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: This movie is NOT a celebration of masculinity, it is an examination of the emasculation of modern life, DAMMIT!
American Beauty
comments: nothing better than redefining stereotypes, eh?
Raiders of the Lost Ark
comments: Face-melting, nazis, and Ancient Hebraic juju. Not bad, by any standards.
comments: See it. See it now. Before you forget.

My favorite authors:

Irvine Welsh
comments: Creepy, and so PoMO he puts Faulkner to shame.
JK Rowlings
comments: Harry Potter had no idea that he was famous....
comments: Anyone who can make a play that can be seen as stultifyingly dramatic or insanely comedic, depending on how smart you are, is all right in my book.
Franz Kafka
comments: Very slyly humourous, and a good soul.
William Shakespeare
comments: Anything by him but 2 Gentlemen. Even he would admit the play sucked.

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