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~~~The most immediate and important truth I live is the moment which I recognized that *I'm* a human and struggling in this lifetime, the decision was made to be loving and supportive of *ALL* humans to live healthy, happy, horny, hearty, loving, respectful...and oh so much more. Yours, Novice Sister Peg-Ann Love Holiday

My favorite diaries:

yours profile - diary
comments: send me your url!
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: Funny & Generous & Wise & did I mention funny?...such a treat!!!! He writes as a diary and as entertainment. Thanks Justin!
emeraldmyst profile - diary
comments: So much love in one woman! I'm the president of her fan club :)
emgratitude profile - diary
comments: Emerald's gratitude journal...giving love thanks recognition respect and more. Blessed Be!
dear-god profile - diary
comments: "Hi God, it's me. Are you listening?" (asks for password, just keep clicking "cancel")
actiongrl profile - diary
comments: R-o-c-k-s! Will she never stop getting more talented and lovely? Let's hope not :-)
meowstarfish profile - diary
comments: A truly Beautiful woman's posts of lessons & successes are spiralingly inspiringly spirals of inspiration! You *grow* Girl!!!
nobodobodon profile - diary
comments: Nobody. In particular. Wonderful occasional doses of fantastical stories, and one of my favorite people!
Sister MaryMaeH profile - diary
comments: at http://dish.nunsequitur.com/ my beautiful Sister Mary Mae Himm (not on diaryland). An inspiration of love, and playful teasing amongst friends :-)
Sister Edith My profile - diary
comments: at http://www.deviousbi.com/, my beautiful Sister Edith MyFlesh offers wise words of herself and others, and a really cool website design!
jovino profile - diary
comments: at http://www.jovino.com, click 'personal'. A wonderful person, who I'm honored to have as a friend who shares his life online, and neato graphic designs (tip: everytime you refresh the home page a random image pops up)
Sister ZsaZsaGl profile - diary
comments: www.GayPornBlog.com and check out hot naked men at Zsa's website www.lavenderlounge.com yum!
oralcancer profile - diary
comments: A true, brave account about being diagnosed & treatment. Your sharing helps us know how we can support you, & hopefully will help others in similar situations. Thanks for sharing, & may all the strength, love & information you need come in abundance
peganne-love profile - diary
comments: duh, it's how I continue to grow, by reading my own journal!
davemarr profile - diary
comments: ah, marrvelous dave, I had the pleasure of being his roommate for one year!
seppe profile - diary
comments: "Courageous Otter" is a Good Samaritan to many communities
yours profile - diary
comments: did I mention...send me your url???
hypergirly09 profile - diary
comments: oh where to begin? beautiful inside and out and a ghetto booty that j-lo dreams of
buddhababy profile - diary
comments: simply marrvelous!

My favorite music:

country music...
comments: my newest musical pleasures include; Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Nancy Sinatra, EmmyLou Harris, Roger Miller, Arlo Guthrie, Buck Owens
She got soul, baby
comments: India Arie, Jill Scott, Aretha, Janis, Nina Simone, PJ Harvey, Earth Kitt, Kate Bush
They got soul, baby
comments: Talking Heads, Greg Brown, O Brother Soundtrack, Stevie Wonder, Mutaytor, Peter Gabriel, Simon&Garfunkel, Hedwig & the Angry Inch (Steven Trask)
just yummy
comments: Peaches, k&d sessions, schpongle, madonna, prince, abstract vibes, delirium, massive attack=good love makin moosic, Juno Reactor (music to fuck or spin fire to), Air, mixes by friends Hippy Trippy Steve Mixdorf & DJ Fyerfli & CatWeasel
Girls just wanna have fun...
comments: Weird Al, Dr Demento, Looney Tunes, Ren & Stimpy, Blondie, Le Tigre, Muppets songs, Marilyn Manson

My favorite movies:

comments: Laurel Canyon, Hedwig & the Angry Inch (if you see the movie the documentary on the DVD is an absolute must), Meaning of Life (think twice before filling out your organ donor cards at the DMV!), the Phantom Tollbooth
the reason we humans have freewill is so that it may be used as such
comments: Amelie, Gandhi (the golden rule RULES!!!), The Color Purple, the Long Walk Home, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Legally Blonde 1 not 2 (yes, I *meant* for these last two to be in this category ;-)
documentaries that rock
comments: Chain Camera, the Cruise, Gifting It (presents increase our presence which is a present--repeat as necessary)
Fantastical Magicals
comments: Labyrinth, Legend, Mists of Avalon, Hocus Pocus, Monsters, Inc., Practical Magic, The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe
current favorite/new find
comments: "I, the Worst of All"==Lesbian Convent action? Dat's right, and it's done formally, classically, beautifully. In spanish w/ subtitles.

My favorite authors:

imagination is more important than knowledge (quote paraphrased from Einstein)
comments: Dr. Seuss, The Atlas of Experience, Phantom Tollbooth,
comments: write to me! 4104 24th st #665, SF, CA 94114
comments: humor like granny used to make...horse testicles, hair eating, live urinal play-by-play fun-action
sharing wisdom in myriad ways
comments: Pema Chodron, Laurie Cabot, Tao of Pooh, Nikki de St Phalle, the Erotic Mind, Anais Nin, David Sedaris, the Ethical Slut, Dalai Lama, The Secret Life of Plants
Carrie L'Esperance
comments: "the Ancient Cookfire" is to me the manual for having a human body. Changed my life. "Juicing for Life" too (different author)

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