If it is a good day, which i doubt...(Eeyore)

im a tickle-bunny, high on sugar, eating shiny pennies from the floor. step on me and i will squeal. i only want to b loved by u, just u, yes please thankyou, crazy party dudes, gimme a free tequila, and ill give u a shiny penny.

My favorite diaries:

brokenpast profile - diary
hellzbunny profile - diary
comments: "I said to lara how i didnt want to die, but wnted it all to stop. i dont no anymore, me, lou and lara, made a suicide pact, we wud all die together, not alone. was cool, but are we gonna keep it?This time, i feel scared but relly angry, but i ju
louloulau profile - diary
comments: "If this isn't being unhappy i don't know what is....i don't want to be in this world anymore, i just want to die."
sharpsecret profile - diary
comments: "people talk such pointless crap,it brings me2 tears how ppl can live like that.my frends dont know me at all.im so alone........i cant stop crying tonight...."
blood-ana profile - diary
comments: "Goddammit. I hate myself. I feel like such a worthless fat disgusting pig. It makes me want to slit my fucking wrists. How will I ever be beautiful if I keep stuffing my face with the filth that society wants to shove down my throat? "
melodize profile - diary
comments: cos reading her diary made me feel better when i was really miserable, and she seems like such a cool person.
doombilly profile - diary
comments: "You know, the cool thing about being a funny MF is I seem to have a lot of friends that care about me. Now don't get me wrong, they are no real surrogate for family. But sometimes they have to do."
cathy-happy profile - diary
comments: friend from school who looks after me when im sad. just wish shed unlock her bloody diary!
just-fine profile - diary
portia69 profile - diary
isolatedsoul profile - diary
dyingsmile profile - diary
ripetomato profile - diary
comments: another lara.
revillusion profile - diary
comments: and another lara
dagnyss profile - diary
comments: and yet another lara.

My favorite music:

comments: I would want no one else to be my silent bob, curbing it with me .roos y best baby, we think the same thoughts and say the same things. were like fucking siamese twins without the like mingy stuck together bit. shes what keeps me smiling, cos shes always
comments: lou has become one of my best friends so quickly, its mentalistic. i count her as a sister, and know she will always be there for me no matter what the problemo is. we r the fucking three.
comments: hes my everything. i dont think i could respect anybody more.

My favorite movies:

jay n silent bob strike back.
comments: cos me n roo r biggest fans in the entire world, and i am quite happy to argue that fact with anyone.
comments: sex without fear n pain is like food without taste....
dirty dancing
comments: patrick swayze is a god.
comments: u remind me of the babe, the babe with the power, the power of voodoo who do, u do, remind me of the babe.
comments: Its really painfull to watch, but its a beautiful story and it doesnt hurt that angelina jolie is frequently naked. yum.

My favorite authors:

anne rice
comments: she makes vampires so sexy (although they r all kinda gay)
l j smith
comments: yay! but where is the tenth book people?
stephen king
comments: good horror. thinner, and geralds game. how marvellous.
j d salinger
comments: no book is as good as this. catcher in the rye just completely touched me.
Elizabeth wurtzel.
comments: i know im sure everyone thinks it when they read the book, but i felt like i was reading about my own life.

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