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My daughter, McKenna, says it's okay for me to stay in her house. She says we're best friends. She says I'm a good girl (she hasn't quite figured out the gender thing yet, but at least she's stopped calling me mommy). She says we're family because our hair color matches, "See, we match, daddy, we match." Linda, my beautiful and thoughtful spouse, says it's okay for me to stay in Kenna's house, too.

My favorite diaries:

kait77 profile - diary
comments: she's a grad student like me, and she loves her husband very much
harri3tspy profile - diary
comments: a gifted writer and a thoughtful mom
smartypants profile - diary
comments: she's a very, very good writer, and odd, in that good sort of odd way, and umm...she's an adoptive mom, big points in my book...
elgan profile - diary

My favorite music:

Son Volt
comments: It fits me
Lynn Miles
comments: A Canadian singer/songwriter and the object of my secret desire. She hurts so good, plays the guitar really well and her lyrics are so well-written. I played her guitar once at the Kerrville Folk Festival. She was very nice. I secretly wanted to kiss her.
The Be Good Tanyas
comments: Strange and wonderful
Zen Bubba
comments: I used to play bass in this band. I think Bob and the boys are still going at it somewhere in Texas. They recorded two songs that I wrote.
John Gorka
comments: Another excellent songwriter.

My favorite movies:

The Tao of Steve
comments: Relationships are strange and wonderful. So is this movie. Besides, I love Santa Fe and motorcycles.
Smoke Signals
comments: Reminds me of my relationship with my Dad.
The Station Agent
comments: It's about a dwarf--really it's more about a guy who just happens to be a dwarf. Real and weird and touching all at the same time.
comments: I've fallen in love with Juliette Binoche a hundred times. Don't tell my wife!
Fahrenheight 911
comments: Love poking fun at Bushies, they're such poor sports about it.

My favorite authors:

John Irving
comments: His characters are so odd they become real. I just read "A Widow for One Year". I've also read "...Garp", "The Hotel New Hampshire", "Setting Free The Bears", "A Prayer for Owen Meany" and "Son
Jon Krakauer
comments: I read "Into the Wild," then I bought a VW Campmobile and lived on the road for three months when I was between jobs. I called it my "Catharsis Tour." "Into Thin Air" is good, too.
Rudolfo Anaya
comments: His mystical realism makes me notice the world around me more deeply. Read "Tortuga" or "Heart of Aztlan." I want to read "Bless Me, Ultima" next.
James Michener
comments: Big thick historical novels with lots of detail. Cool.
comments: I'm a news junkie

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