The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I hated that movie, but the title fits. Born in 1987, you do the math. Name's Liz, I live in the US, and I'm a student at UMass Amherst. I'm majoring in Japanese Lang. & Lit. I used to have a whole bunch of crap here, but at this point, you'd do better finding out about me by reading the thing, so off you go...

My favorite diaries:

wishinstar88 profile - diary
comments: My little sister Rachel.
icecold0123 profile - diary
comments: Danielle-y. Lotsa short entries, but I admire a person who can get their point across in 100 words or less. :P
wiccanmndncr profile - diary
comments: My Wiccan friend Larissa who has been sent to a Catholic school because her parents are unaccepting. ; . ; Me misses you, Lar!!! *many hugs*
hinoreichan profile - diary
comments: Megan, my soon-to-be college roomie. Much much luff to her for, among other things, being brave enough to attempt that. XD
punkrockchix profile - diary
comments: 'Tis the Mysterious Shelly Woo! My punk-obsessed friend Michelle: but what's wrong with obsessions? Nothing, that's what.
theblueclam profile - diary
comments: Clammy! AKA Crystal! Phwee! Rock on, Clam; everyone knows you kick major ass!!! Read, and be amused by the clammy-ness that is Clam!
psycho-smorg profile - diary
comments: YAY! Smorg/Nikki's diary. Got me obsessed with Nightwish. (THANK YOU!) All hail the penguin god!
owcowkee profile - diary
comments: Don't know her personally, but I stumbled across her diary a little while back and derive great amusment from it. ^_^ And her name is Liz, too!
night-rain7 profile - diary
comments: Betsy! My not-so-Freshman Spanglish friend. A ella le gusta anime y manga. *nods sagely* Go Betsy!!!
razaelfc profile - diary
comments: My cousin, Nick. Ph33r him! Or he'll shoot you with his dog. Don't be that guy... or that girl... or that fetus.
noadawn profile - diary
comments: Don't know her personally, but her banner caught my attention - "Crazy little faerie, reality is for people" - and I had to take a look. Adore-eth the layout - faeries and kanji! And I like her writing style; she says what she means.
dishdeter profile - diary
comments: Oh my gods, massive amounts of hilarity. I love this person and I don't even know them. Go read. NOW. I command you!
acidburn2020 profile - diary
comments: CHRIS! "IN SOVIET RUSSIA, CAR DRIVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!" Funny kid; has a fauxhawk. Not quite a mohawk (Shelly says so, and she's the expert).
drimeth profile - diary
comments: Jenny's diary! w00t! Yayers! ^_^ UPDATE MORE! XD Long live the Mario 1UP Mushrooms. Stop being so sad! T_T
faroutmarcel profile - diary
comments: Everyone's favorite hippy-Pagan-advice-giver. Marcel's my counselor. XD; Gives good advice, yes. *nodnod* Though I don't always heed it. XP
anubis98x profile - diary
comments: TAYLOR! He finally gots a diary. *tear* I so proud... Taylor's the coolest guy at THS~
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Found through a banner... find him hilarious. His exploits are both amusing and amazing, and he knows how to make a good point.
aerischan86 profile - diary
comments: Teh feud is over. * . *; I am so glad that I went to see her and make things right again before I went away to college. ^_^
classy-bitch profile - diary
comments: 'Tis the Mysterious Shelly Woo, version 2.0! My punk-obsessed friend Michelle: but what's wrong with obsessions? Nothing, that's what.
deanna-- profile - diary
comments: Holy carp of the fish variety, Deanna got a d-land. Yay! A late recruit, but nevertheless, awesome.

My favorite music:

comments: Yuri's got an amazing voice. T-Kimura's an awesome composer. And Motsu? He owns my soul. He's hot, writes his own lyrics, can't stand still, and raps in Japanese. What more could you ask for?
Janne Da Arc
comments: My second favorite band, next to Move. Yasu is such a cute little pervert... XDDD
comments: Band from Finland. Rock-opera music with a Finnish accent... VERY cool. Don't knock it till you've tried it.
Nobuo Uematsu
comments: Composed a good deal of the music from the Final Fantasy series. I'm very sad that he left Square. ; . ;
other Japanese bands/singers
comments: More Deep, Tokio Hot Nights, Chill Jet, Raveman, Orbitribe, Favorite Blue, Two-Mix, Okui Masami, Utada Hikaru, Field of View, CAVE, CLOUD, WANDS, TM Revolution, Koda Kumi, Sakamoto Maaya, Kimeru, Ayumi Hamasaki, M-Flo, Nami Tamaki

My favorite movies:

Pirates of the Caribbean
comments: You cannot go wrong with the sexy eyeliner pirate captain. My favorite movie ever. Johnny Depp is brilliant, and the character he portrayed is amazing.
Yu-Gi-Oh! the movie
comments: Okay, so it's made by the dubbers. It's so awful it's funny (I really do like it), and for cripes sake, it's YGO! Of course I like it!
comments: I adore this movie... Draco's awesome. But hot DAMN the sequel sucks... what were they THINKING?!
comments: Adore. The MASK has got to be among my favorite movies ever. "Look ma! I'm roadkill!"
comments: Joy Ride, Harry Potter 1-3, Save the Last Dance, Center Stage, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Urban Legends 1 and 2, Bring It On, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, A Knight's Tale, X-men 1 & 2, Signs, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, The Incredibles

My favorite authors:

J. K. Rowling
comments: Harry Potter... I love those books, and cannot WAIT to see how the septology ends. Brilliance.
Dan Brown
comments: A-freaking-mazing. Now THIS is an author! His books are a perfect combo of fact and fiction, to the point that you can't tell which is which.
Lynda S. Robinson
comments: Author of the "Lord Meren Mysteries", a series of murder mysteries set in ancient Egypt during the reign of king Tut. Reading those books is like going back in time; amazing.
comments: One of my very favorite manga-ka. I haven't read a work they produced that I didn't like. Chobits, Rayearth, CCS, Legal Drug, The One I Love... all their work is stunningly beautiful.
Kazuki Takahashi
comments: Obviously. He created Yu-Gi-Oh!, and therefore, he is amazing. YGO is life. I hope he realizes how wonderful his characters really are.

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