"I hope the fans will take up meditation instead of drugs."

- Ringo Starr, 1967

My favorite diaries:

limekiller profile - diary
comments: the balloon i got you says it all, earl....
theglow profile - diary
comments: ta na naaa, ta naa naaaa... diamonds on the soles of her shoes.
sparroe profile - diary
comments: i always loved an irish man with comic books that laughs at my jokes... what? it's not THAT specific... stop looking at me, swan
jakoshadows profile - diary
comments: "break a leg" hugs in the vom followed by "don't worry, the keyboard blew up but you sang beautifully" hugs upon the return to the vom
coppelia profile - diary
comments: the fairest of them all. proudly listens to the carpenters... i love honesty
chadin profile - diary
comments: he finds everyone's signature quote, now doesn't he... one day i shall capture his on this line!
lyrick profile - diary
comments: i want my niki TV!
dancinkai profile - diary
comments: SWEET kari! i can't imagine this year without our redundant conversations about relationships at 3 in the morning the day of a test
agent007kt profile - diary
comments: what can i say? i need a girl's night
alderboy profile - diary
comments: so i attacked him... but his turkey burgers made my boyfriend ralph for 6 hours, so i think we're even
edickinson profile - diary
kittyhula profile - diary
comments: the potential chillage is endless...
milesitis profile - diary
comments: he's very ninja like... in that i never see him anymore... underwear belongs on your head. end of story
theonespider profile - diary
comments: do i even need to explain? check my older entries... once i fix that page... no, i'm serious... go. he's there. (^_^) NEED RIDE.
luilanaite profile - diary
comments: raney girls are a treasure!
boodles profile - diary
comments: no time fo' jibba' jabbah'!
gerbilgurl profile - diary
comments: cheers, lass!
coconutbug profile - diary
comments: i think i stole her perspective student one time... i love you?
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: "But the good news is that they make a DELUXE Hello Kitty vibrator now!! YAY!"
grey-mouser profile - diary
comments: these nicknames hide too much. i'm like... WHO IS THIS???? he taught me to drink brandy. maybe it was the lack of cool freshman boys last year, but he took advantage of my tomboyishness... hurray!
so-cored profile - diary
comments: she's in new york and i'm not. there you have it. she's better than me... can we have her back now? please?!?!?!

My favorite music:

comments: although nothing will beat the blue album
comments: unless i'm already depressed (^_^)
they might be giants
comments: some great music came from these guys
dashboard confessional
comments: has me singing loudly in my dorm during quiet hours
the beatles
comments: one of those all time favorites

My favorite movies:

fight club
comments: i kept asking my friends if they were real or not...
comments: anything until the lion king... after that things got ugly, except toy soy
monty python
comments: anyting ponty python... i gues i'm grouping these movies
comments: just a classic from my childhood
the princess bride
comments: something to watch with my parents AND pals

My favorite authors:

michael ende
comments: the neverending story!
j.k. rowling
comments: for a while i thought i WAS harry potter...
stephen chboskey
comments: the perks of being a wallflower
langston hughes
comments: just recently got into
comments: and reading...

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