I Think We've Already Deja'd This Vu!

I'm quiet....til I get to know you...then I'm LOUD!!!!!

Anything else you want to know....do the email thing.

My favorite diaries:

shadedrose profile - diary
comments: its the sexy one...what else do you need to know?
inkedangel9 profile - diary
comments: "I'm a cultural explosion of can't dance." That's me to a big 'ol T.
tia-marie profile - diary
comments: Its Tia....Its Tia and its aaaaaaaallll good!!
sianni profile - diary
comments: Where'd she go??
mineirinha profile - diary
comments: she comes from a land down undah! (lame I know, deal wit it)
kooltuo profile - diary
comments: same with her and she likes anime!! oooo

My favorite music:

Drain STH
comments: I'll miss those hot chicks. Why'd they have to break up!?!?!?!? :(
comments: They rock!! nuff said
comments: My fave song of theres is one few have heard...from the game Spy Hunter.
comments: What can I say....I like them...so I too am disturbed! :p
Shania Twain
comments: She's not a band....damn shes hot and makes great music. IMO

My favorite movies:

Star Wars
comments: Any and all......I want to be a Dark Jedi......forget the Jedi or the Sith....
The Matrix
comments: cool Sci-Fi that has a meaning.....Are we in the Matrix now????
Anything Nosferatu
comments: Also known as vampires....I love 'em.....live action or anime.
Dragonball Z
comments: some suck....but they all rock cuz its DBZ baby!!!

My favorite authors:

Dean Koontz
comments: I love The Book of Counted Sorrows...even though I don't think its a book yet. hmmm
John Saul
comments: My next fave.......he and Koontz are way up there at the top while most aren't reall near the bottom of the list.

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