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"What we don't understand we can make mean anything."

"I am entitled to tell this particular story in a way no one else can." ~ Amy Hempel"

My favorite diaries:

violent-sky profile - diary
comments: interesting, but no longer writing
perfect-lies profile - diary
comments: She just seems so real.
ruind-puzzle profile - diary
comments: She's searching for a fairytale.
tearbreak profile - diary
comments: Ness.
thefallofart profile - diary
comments: Beautiful writing. Get lost in her words.
emotivatedx profile - diary
comments: "Just a pathetic little girl from a pathetic little town blowing pathetic little problems out of proportion." yeah. me too.
tracedsmile profile - diary
comments: Maaike Is amazing, although she won't admit it. She's gunna make a difference
heart-drawn profile - diary
comments: "Being blinded and sideswiped by life in it's finest. I have a thousand excuses, but none of them apply here"
radioxstatic profile - diary
comments: Ness.
engine-nine profile - diary
comments: "I'm building a robot that will simulate unconditional love"
asummerstory profile - diary
comments: "You'll finally see me turn red, from holding my breath until you finially came home"
lifeasadream profile - diary
comments: "There's always the chance you could die right in the middle of your life story"
onlymirrors profile - diary
comments: "I could be like the Tim Kasher of diaryland, writing about the same subject incessantly. "
infinitefire profile - diary
comments: " Don't write about death because you are gonna live a long time. Fuck this, fuck you, fuck the diary entries you've made, fuck the conversations, and fuck the whole world because they won't matter after we leave this place."
sunkship profile - diary
comments: "you'll always feel like a rock, just slumped somewhere. i could sleep forever if i started now. earthquakes wouldn't wake me"
shadowglass profile - diary
comments: "if i wanted moral support, i'd go to oprah. she'd hug me and we'd be happy."
ophelia-w profile - diary
comments: "I am surrounded with it, and don't you dare tell me everything will be ok, because it won't. I have been waiting sixteen years for it to be alright, and you know what? I finally realized that there's no point in waiting for that d
artofliving profile - diary
comments: "I Choose My Company By The Beating Of Their Hearts Not The Swelling Of Their Heads"
lunalua profile - diary
comments: "For some, it's a long road to understanding. But the first few steps is just the willingness to understand, and after that, it's all down hill. "
bake-sale profile - diary
comments: "getting mentally prepared for something 3 days in a row, only to have it not happen, is what medical folk like to call a "mindfuck.""
un-fed profile - diary
comments: "visual representations of the inside of you"
lovetherain profile - diary
comments: "hello. i am your mind. giving you someone to talk to. hello?"
ecappaccino profile - diary
comments: It can't be nothing.

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