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I'm 20 years of age. I like guns, games, and women, in fact, I'd be a stereotypical male except for the fact that I like a good book, some peace and quiet, and an occasional intellectual debate.

My favorite diaries:

takhomasak profile - diary
comments: The wife's journal. If I don't mention it I might wind up speaking with a lighter voice.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: This guy is more whacked that I ever will be. A good journal for kicks.
witchmedic profile - diary
comments: Another interesting read. This one is a lot like mine.
jeditera profile - diary
comments: Another Star Wars fan. There's aren't too many of us "old school" SW fans left.
sampoet56 profile - diary
comments: She writes some insightful poetry
ramanda profile - diary
comments: She writes about a side of the world I almost became a part of. I read in hopes things get better for her.
katress profile - diary
comments: Another call-center laborer. She gets along with my wife pretty well, so I'm obliged to read her journal
nmj profile - diary
comments: Interesting writings from a Muslim woman in Malaysia
rotc-angel profile - diary
comments: Another great writer. Definately worth my time.
mach5 profile - diary
comments: Antoher favorite gun nut.
roguereviews profile - diary
comments: My review stie. Come get an inspection.
trancejen profile - diary
comments: Interesting perspectives. Also reviews for Rogue Reviews
evangeline profile - diary
comments: Rogue Reviewer
migrainegirl profile - diary
comments: Rogue Reviewer
ana-warda profile - diary
comments: Rogue Reviewer
calynda profile - diary
comments: Rogue Reviewer

My favorite music:

comments: Okay, I admit it. I don't speak German, but it relaxes me when I listen to some heavy metal in a different language (not joking here).
comments: Even though they haven't put out any new albums since the last Ice Age, me and my fellow cavemen grew up listening to them.
comments: A bunch of white trash that makes a good tune or two for driving. 'Nuff said.
comments: Buuuusssshhhhhhh......Grew up listening to them, although only when the CD player burned holes in the Metallica CDs and I was short on T-rex bones (cash).

My favorite movies:

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty
comments: Okay, so it's actually an interactive DVD-ROM for the PS2, but when you're playing it you might as well break out the popcorn, turn down the lights, and sit next to the bass speakers so that your woman can't sneak up behind you and startle

My favorite authors:

Tom Clancy
comments: Writes a good, long thriller that you know isn't all bullshit, plus I know he's got love for the Corps. 'Nuff said here as well.
Timothy Zahn
comments: This single-handedly revived interest in the Star Wars novels. Is books are a read that makes you think you're viewing a movie.
Michael Stackpole
comments: He worte the majority to the Rogue Squadron novels. 'Nuff said.
Aaron Alliston
comments: He wrote the Wraith Squardon mini-series for the Rogue Squadron novels. Gets a good persepctive for ground-pounders.

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