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Hi! My name is Roni Ann.I'm 20 and a college student. I write in here a lot...I think I'm addicted.

My favorite diaries:

schatze- profile - diary
comments: Schatze's journal is green...very green, so that shows how cool she is ;)
angel-sweet profile - diary
comments: Sometimes I wonder if she's still alive...
syknis profile - diary
comments: Syk's journal.
savant- profile - diary
comments: Kyle's journal....and a place for him to put his song lyrics :D
diab2003 profile - diary
comments: Susu's Diary...She THINKS she knows a lot about me. We'll just see about that...
slurpymundae profile - diary
comments: I relate to her in many, many ways. You should DEFINITELY check out her diary.
dcalien profile - diary
comments: He seems incredibly sweet and has a great diary to boot. Check out his diary...I know I do.
spoon4613 profile - diary
comments: He's honest and my heart goes out to him. His diary was an instant favorite of mine and I know you'll like it, too.
girlboy profile - diary
comments: This is a public diary that I like to read. It's about finding that right person to spend your life with.
ic3h34r7 profile - diary
comments: You know how I mention "Josh" a lot? This is his diary.
semoguy25 profile - diary
comments: Nate's Journal.
du-hastmich profile - diary
comments: This is Jason's journal...I now stalk him :P (kidding)
e-r-i-s profile - diary
comments: "Dear Internet Explorer, I dont like you. At all. You never support css properly. You are buggy and shortsighted."...come on! You have to love the honesty!
redleft profile - diary
comments: Red's journal. Nuff said.
nanner168 profile - diary
comments: Kelsey's journal...yay :)

My favorite music:

comments: "Always" kicks booty! I'm a new fan of this band.
Puddle of Mudd
comments: I just like them, ok?
Plus One
comments: One of my all time fav. bands. ( I saw them in concert too). Their site is Please check them out!
Good Charlotte
comments: They ROCK!
Simple Plan
comments: I love them...I love them...I love them...

My favorite movies:

comments: It was really cool!
Down Came A Spider
comments: NO,it's not about spiderman..but it will keep you guessing until the end!
comments: This one ALWAYS makes me cry (don't laugh!)
Sweet Home Alabama
comments: I LOVED this movie...heck, even Josh liked it.
Lord of the Rings
comments: ok, so I've only seen the second one...but still, I'm already a huge fan! Gee, got me addicted!

My favorite authors:

Beatrix Potter
comments: She wrote my fav stories from when I was little like "The Tale of Tom Kitten"..and yes,I still have those books!
Elizabeth Chandler
comments: She wrote "Kissed by an Angel","The Power of Love", and "Soulmates"...these are the few "sappy" books I like!
Dean Koontz
comments: He wrote many good stories like "False Memory",which is a very interesting book.
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: Lord of the Rings....need I say more?

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