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My favorite diaries:

rainbowhue profile - diary
comments: Awesome diary!
anadoll profile - diary
comments: When I first found her diary...I was reading the whole thing & cant wait for her to update! Shes an awesome writer.
hiddenmia profile - diary
comments: Another person like me...she has an awesome diary!
w-barbie profile - diary
comments: I haven't had a chance to read her diary but she seems like an awesome person!
fishnets666 profile - diary
comments: She has an awesome diary..I love her diary...
shadow-s profile - diary
comments: Another beautiful person...& writer too!
brokenbits profile - diary
comments: owner of diary above...about her ED..shes a awesome writer!
rocksbaby profile - diary
comments: She has lots of kewl poems, a pretty layout & likes the same music! You go girl!
oedalis profile - diary
comments: She seems like a kewl person & has an awesome diary!
askmeggy profile - diary
comments: She seems like a nice person trying 2 help ppl out....she can actually give ppl advice!
thintowin profile - diary
comments: I luv her diary! I hope u get better soon!
ana4life profile - diary
comments: Kewl layout & diary! :)
my-oblivion profile - diary
comments: Her layout & diary are really kewl! :)
blueeyes76 profile - diary
comments: She speaks in french which I don't understand much of but her layout is cute & she seems like a sweetheart!
gymnast247 profile - diary
comments: The first diary of a gymnast I found & she's awesome! It makes me wanna go into something like that...
blue-candy-b profile - diary
comments: I like ppl who like their body & she's someone who does! She seems really cool!
mostvacant profile - diary
comments: Friend of *my-oblivion*s...she has a kewl diary too!! :)
silverbiker profile - diary
comments: This girl is sweet, an awesome writer & has an awesome layout! :)
bowie-firey profile - diary
comments: She seems like a total sweetheart & has an awesome diary!
sailorschica profile - diary
comments: Very nice person & like I keep saying she has a really nice diary! I will always be reading it! Lurrve thsoe sparkles!
lostgem profile - diary
comments: She seems like a sweetie & has an awesome diary! Way to be!
unloved8 profile - diary
comments: I just found her diary today & had to add it. She reminds me so much of how I used to be. I love her diary & want to be there for her!
momma-at-17 profile - diary
comments: She is a pretty new mommy like I am & I love her diary & her pics of little Tay! :)

My favorite music:

comments: I dont go by bands anymore.

My favorite movies:

The Secret
comments: You can have, be or do anything you want!
Breakfast Club
comments: One of the best movies ever!
Dazed and Confused
comments: Another one i like!

My favorite authors:

Rhonda Byrne
comments: The Secret, The Power and The books ever!

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