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I eat, I sleep, I drink, I breathe. I'm just like you. Except that my family is insane, and my husband's family is insane. And I love them all anyway. Okay, so I am just like you, but only if you foster homeless dogs and teach middle school.

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unfixed profile - diary
comments: flying penguins, and occasional stories
dont-stop profile - diary
comments: Beth hates oatmeal and tofu, which is a shame, because they're so healthful.
erica8378 profile - diary
comments: Like the diary she might keep under her mattress
petrichor profile - diary
comments: Like notes to friends
morganzola profile - diary
comments: Because she lives a life which is nothing like my own. Also, she's hysterically funny.
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: "I am an unemployed, kept and downright indolent slothwoman. I like it that way."
tothefloor profile - diary
comments: "i used to think the easter bunny was green."
sassers profile - diary
comments: "I think I have a fever. I think we all have fevers."
so-charming profile - diary
comments: "Misanthropic agnostic humanist, occasional athiest, with a twist of zen"
her-story profile - diary
comments: " day when you least expect it, frogs and inchworms rain down from the sky."

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