The Story of My Life

What an original title! I am so proud that i came up with it on my own! ::heavy sarcasim:: Whatever, It suites me the not so original chick, who babbles on about pretty original problems.

My favorite diaries:

joelzgcbaby profile - diary
comments: This is one of my bestest friends page. Lauren's great, she told me all about this spiffy dairy land stuff. Girl you need to start writing agian! Previously known as dip-n-dots
Shortnsuite3 profile - diary
comments: Slade changed her page! Its now a live journal address:
b-roking profile - diary
comments: Little Amy She is such a sweetheart.
BabyDiva119 profile - diary
comments: Kiki, one of my spiffy guard buddies, lots of stuff go on with her so i hope she writes tons. lol Kiki your great
singinsweety profile - diary
comments: Amber.. She goes to tarpon... my schools rival. i totally miss having her around! Amber your a sweetheart!
sweetgirl86 profile - diary
comments: Kait The Great! The spiffy guestbook signer... Her page moved too.
tastycakes profile - diary
comments: Sister to my buddy Slade. She has a spiffmus page
avd profile - diary
comments: Arthur. What else is there to say?
billabong79 profile - diary
comments: A Band nerd, who to my surprise has me on her favorite diaries list. i dunno why.
Capri957 profile - diary
comments: CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IB nerd, who should have gone to East Lake with me! But then she wouldnt have all those fun IB stories to write about
heathsgirl25 profile - diary
comments: Melissa! I miss her and now we have a new way to keep in touch! With our diaries
jerseydevl profile - diary
comments: Lillia, or Leslie i should say, seeing as Spanish with Senora Farr is over. If you go back in her older section i am sure you will find ramblings about the same spanish projects that i went on about : ) The sad thing is that we are both taking spanish a

My favorite music:

Linkin Park
comments: & Dashboard Confessionals & New Found Glory & Lucky Boys Confusion
Green Day
comments: & Jimmy Eat World & Sum 41 & American Hi Fi &Hoobastank
comments: Spiffy Russian Composer. Bringing out the band nerd!
The Monkees and David Cassidy
comments: Thanks to VH1 specials i am a new fan of David Cassidy and the Monkees lol. My VCR is already to tape the next Partridge Family and Monkees marithon

My favorite movies:

comments: Absolute best movie ever. (also proves as evidence as why All Quiet on the Western Front should be read, Pearl Harbor was highly romanticised) JOSH HARNETT! SOOO HOTTT!
10 things I hate about you
comments: & A Knights Tale, or anything with Heath Ledger.
Dirty Dancing and Grease
comments: Whats there to say about them?
A Walk to Remember
comments: That was such a sweet movie.

My favorite authors:

The Thorn Birds
comments: (yeah i realize it says authors but i am telling about my fav books) even thought it has to be around 700 pages it was absolutely incredible. Though most of us have never been in love with member of the catholic clergy, the story of the love that Meggi
All Quiet on the Western Front
comments: This is the first book ever that has been assigned that i have actually enjoyed reading. in a sense the book was rather difficult to read because the story of war rides heavy in the air these days, and it makes it harder when you know that people you care

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