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Twenty going on thirty-five, six piercings (soon to be seven) two tattoos, and way too much cynicism.

You have a chance to really shine now / Well patience was never one of your true virtues / stop trying to control everything and fuck what they say, what do you have to prove?

So why amd I waiting, this time that I'm wasting if that's what you mean / How will this be when all is said and done, will I know where I'm from remember me / Where will I be, I guess I'm on the run and time is catching up behind me.

My favorite diaries:

dianabee profile - diary
comments: "When I don't record things, there is no evidence that they ever existed, except for the tiny glimpses that come back in the form of memories."
Epiphany profile - diary
comments: The sexy teacher who leaves me drooling at my desk! ;-)
less-than3 profile - diary
comments: my girl coming though
lionsroar23 profile - diary
comments: Michael, "Why should I break her heart even more when I can protect her from something like that by not even starting in the first place?" He's my Prince Charming and I love him more than life itself!
london-times profile - diary
comments: "Why yes, I'd love some Cristal, thank you. . ." A college girl in London, could I be any happier?
maiarayne profile - diary
MsPsyched1 profile - diary
comments: "I brought along with me a pitcher of margaritas, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Buttershots and a beer. How pathetically sad is that?" I think it's been too long since I've been to a party!
mysteria profile - diary
Natedogcool profile - diary
comments: "Welcome to Relationship Airlines, can I check that baggage for you? *Eep!* It's in excess!" It's funny the things people say and they way others take them!
neon7c profile - diary
comments: "the sun was shining as they made their way to the platform. smiling a hesitant goodbye. boarding the train to 'real life'." From the beginning, the big sister I always needed and never had.
nik-chick profile - diary
comments: Because I want to see how things turn out. . . and a reminder that friendship is not a one way street.
Shaquifa profile - diary
comments: Nieve, "Anyhow, that bad Tarzan reject told her that apparently they 'are just friends'. Hmmm, and after all this time, we thought they were together. Why? BECAUSE HE SAID THEY WERE!" She's my Guru and I wouldn't be here
sleepyzoe profile - diary
comments: "I didn't ask for this!!" Me neither sweetie, me neither!
skinnyboney profile - diary
comments: ". . . I need to go further down, everything’s going so well, my hipbones are beautiful, my legs look so nice, strong and thin – but . . ."
strawberrri profile - diary
comments: "I had my first snog aged 12 with a boy I met on holiday in Norfolk. I was on holiday with my family and my friend Laura and stayed in a static caravan at one of those Haven campsites."
tcklyrpharsn profile - diary
comments: ". . . and it's lurking around diaryland, waiting to be accepted into the illustrious tcklyrpharsn."
thatkiss profile - diary
chads-mom profile - diary
comments: Stubby, the dork, gotta love him!
CapitolG profile - diary
comments: My Gaily Gail! She's my girl, we're vindictive together! Wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for her!
ghostwarlock profile - diary
comments: James, a person I trust with most things in my life and more importantly, a friend!
blueavenue profile - diary
comments: "i should note that at this point in my life i was not myself. i was trying to adopt a foreign sense of self to fit into the gap-and-a&f-wearing-look-what-my-daddy-bought-me-isn't-my-new-bmw-cute-who-needs-a-scholarship students who surrounded m

My favorite music:

comments: "You could feel me seething, But you just turned your nose up in the air"
comments: "Stop trying to control everything and fuck what they say, what do you have to prove?"
Jane Monheit
comments: "If I expected love when first we kissed, blame it on my youth. If only just for you I did exist, blame it on my youth."
Maroon 5
comments: "Kept playing love like it was just a game, pretending to feel the same"
Justin Timberlake
comments: "And loneliness only wants you back here with me, common sense knows that you're not good enough for me"

My favorite movies:

Under the Tuscan Sun
comments: Diane Lane is one of the best actresses out there, she's beautiful and strong in this film. Plus, it takes place in Italy
Mean Girls
comments: One of the greatest teen films in a long time!
comments: Wouldn't we all love a man chasing us to Paris? The new or the old, I love them both
comments: The best movie I've seen in a long, long time. See it, cry and cry the way I did and leave knowing that if it hasn't happened to you yet, it will one day.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
comments: Because Audrey Hepburn's a best and "Nothing bad could ever happen at Tiffany's!"

My favorite authors:

Sherrie Krantz
comments: "When we think of that we really want out of life, when we allow ourdelves to follow our dreams, in all honesty, we go at it alone. Rules never really apply, and Cliff Notes are nonexistent."
Truman Capote
comments: In Cold Blood, Breakfast at Tiffany's
Candace Bushnell
comments: 4 Blondes, Trading Up, Sex and the City
Susan Jane Gilman
comments: "Besides, they way men see it, if a woman's comfortable putting one thing in her mouth, she'll probably be comfortable with another. Crude but true. Dinner, to them, is a preview of foreplay."
Jane Green
comments: Babyville, Bookends, Mr. Maybe

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