Same Stupid Jokes, Only Once Every Six Months.

If I asked you if I was the coolest person on Earth, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

My favorite diaries:

funkycracker profile - diary
comments: My hetero-lifemate. We have acted together, attended high school together, attended college together, lived together, and we're still speaking after all these years. I love him like a brother. A brother with a dumb face.
akatzen profile - diary
comments: The Irreverend. I met him through Paul, and I have to say that he is one smart motherfucker. He will make you think and make you laugh. Does not have a dumb face (See Paul).
daizy14 profile - diary
comments: Killer. She is my little sister (Even though she is older than me), and I am her Gangbusters. She almost got me killed once.
metalhead01 profile - diary
comments: Mike. He likes Metallica, even after St. Anger, which shows that he is a truly devoted friend. One of the first people to make fun of me in high school, and one of the only people from said school that I still speak to.
rantingslash profile - diary
comments: Beneath all Zeke's hair, there is a brain that can actually be pretty funny and thought-provoking. There's just a lot of hair...
mindless profile - diary
comments: One of the first people I ever spoke to through the joys of the Internet, Michele is a joy to talk to. One day we're going to go to Disneyland together.
amandabean profile - diary
comments: Amanda is, like, my FAAAAAVORITE person on DiaryLand. She is probably the reason I still do this crazy DiaryLand thing. Amanda is rockin' like Dokken, and I adore her.
pigfly profile - diary
comments: Rachel is really cool too. She isn't around much these days, which is really tragic, because she's a hell of a writer and conversationalist.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: My Uncle Bob is rad. If you don't know who he is by now, then you've been living in the proverbial DiaryLand cave. Get out of the cave.
bradpitt profile - diary
comments: I miss Brad. He was my pseudo-celebrity buddy. I felt like I knew him.
comeaujim profile - diary
comments: I have never even spoken to him before. I just ran across his diary one day and I decided, this is the kind of person I would be good friends with.

My favorite music:

Bloodhound Gang
comments: This has been my favorite band for seven years. These guys are hysterical.
Nerf Herder
comments: The band I've seen live more than any other band on the planet. My second favorite next to Bloodhound Gang.
MC Paul Barman
comments: He's a Jewish Ivy League graduate, and it shows in his lyrics. Show me another rapper who can come up with rhymes like, "The liquid is ubiquitous".
System Of A Down
comments: These guys rock really really really hard. My girlfriend calls it "atonal whining", but she likes The Clash, and thereby has no room to criticize my music.
All-American Rejects
comments: My Flavor Of The Week. Right now, this is what I like a lot. This one will change periodically.

My favorite movies:

comments: The apex of the View Askewniverse. This film is smart without being pompous and artsy-fartsy.
Spider Man
comments: This movie is just a great time. Sam Raimi does my favorite superhero of all time justice.
American Beauty
comments: A beautiful film. This film evokes every emotion at one time or another, and has a truly amazing theme.
Office Space
comments: Life in Corporate America. Hating The Man never felt so good.
comments: My Flavor Of The Week. The last good movie I saw. This one will also change periodically.

My favorite authors:

Michael Crichton
comments: This guy is amazing. He consistently tells a great, believable story.
Mick Foley
comments: Proof that wrestlers are no longer dumb, goofy dudes in costumes. And further proof that anyone can succeed if they try hard enough.
Dave Barry
comments: Some of the funniest stuff I've ever read, and the person I steal most of my writing style from.
Dalton Trumbo
comments: Johnny Got His Gun will make your jaw drop.

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