Reflections of a pseudo-intellectual anti-hero

I'm your neighborhood- clumsy-martial-artist-biology-lab-assistant-biblioholic-mountain-biker-reservist-medic, Ph,B.

My favorite diaries:

x-ray-specs profile - diary
comments: A wonderful friend who only calls me when I'm driving
melisander profile - diary
comments: I fear I lost my friend in Korea or something...
labyrinthial profile - diary
comments: Not Borges-but rather an old friend who likes mazes
minouchi profile - diary
comments: a friend I don't ask to drive
admiral-ian profile - diary
comments: My favorite clutz with premature rigamortis, and an old friend
ladyjayde profile - diary
comments: Friend of the Admiral.
tmb profile - diary
comments: you rarely find people in the internet who seem so real
warmleftover profile - diary
comments: another banner I saw that lead me to an amusing columnist of sorts
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: the psychic southener
inmc profile - diary
comments: following the links of links network got me to this guy, he seems pretty cool
mattferrara profile - diary
comments: good writing and amusing thoughts
usinclair profile - diary
comments: funny, despite his olsen twin obsession
cwulf profile - diary
comments: one of the wittiest and most brutally honest women I've ever had the honor to know
jynxed profile - diary
comments: one of the funniest diaries I've come across
raven2501 profile - diary
comments: a terminally late close friend of mine.
Lawyer profile - diary
comments: An ex-lawyer, and friend of mine
princessreva profile - diary
comments: the violinist/diarist
anniesworld profile - diary
comments: people who have to put up with Dr. Gould deserve to have their diary read
kaalimar profile - diary
comments: He finally took that lock off his diary so I can read it again

My favorite music:

Henry Rollins
comments: "When the world ends, how will we know? Will there be a sale? 'It was ALL crap, everything must go!!!'"

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Neil Gaiman
comments: "Mrs. Whitaker found the Holy Grail; it was under a fur coat."
Daniel Quinn
comments: "The Boiling Frog"
E.L. Doctorow
comments: " as if God is an epee of irony..."
Michael Chabon
comments: "I have difficulty distinguishing between denial and what they used to call hope."
Neal Stephenson
comments: "Let's set the existence-of-God issue aside for a later volume, and just stipulate that in some way, self-replicating organisms came into existence on this planet and immediately began trying to get rid of each other..."

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