I Don't want to wake up...

There's nothing in motion and I'm satisfied, no disappointment...til I wake up.

My favorite diaries:

Ldybug1113 profile - diary
comments: She's adorable. She's just so cute.
Drkitten profile - diary
comments: Sweet girl. Totally down to earth. Someone I wouldn't mind meeting in person.
Heyjude85 profile - diary
comments: awww Jude is sweet. Funny as hell too but very very sweet.
Fadingstars- profile - diary
comments: She has an awesome taste in music. I'm offically obsessed with her diary.
Dancingrl130 profile - diary
comments: Us tall girls have to stick together ;).
Bballnicole profile - diary
comments: Nicole's diary. She's such a sweetie.
Custarddream profile - diary
comments: Amazing. Damn the girl can write.
Stardame profile - diary
comments: I know exactly how she feels.
A-fairy-tale profile - diary
comments: Ashley's friend. Also an amazing writer. :)
Lexx143 profile - diary
comments: A beautiful writer. My own age, nice to see someone who loves to write as much as me.
Writerchic88 profile - diary
comments: An awesome writer. Just love her writing to pieces.
Xif-i-fallx profile - diary
comments: Love it.
Be-my-heroin profile - diary
comments: Dang, awesome writing!
Rollerqueen profile - diary
comments: Love, Love, Love.
Xheartheartx profile - diary
comments: Another...love, love, love.
Xlettersx profile - diary
comments: Love, Love Love...sad though :(
Over-that profile - diary
comments: Beautiful!
X-tragic-x profile - diary
comments: "i'd give my heart to you only with the sound promise that you would never break it. but i know you can't and i know that i would never take that chance"
Heartforsale profile - diary
comments: Beautiful.
Foxwar profile - diary
comments: "i can't promise you anything because anything is too temporary"
Cutmelovely profile - diary
comments: Love, Love, Love
Leely profile - diary
comments: She's soo much like me :). Beautiful writer.
Lady-lexi profile - diary
comments: Fun fun fun diary. My age and awesome.
Serratedtart profile - diary
comments: Such a beautiful writer. You gotta love Erin.
Canterbelly profile - diary
comments: She listens to Dishwalla!!! Hehe, I love Dishwalla. A beautifully written diary also.
Dkvoxd18 profile - diary
comments: A romantic diary....awww wish I could find me some of that true love. He also loves dishwalla!! YAY DISHWALLA FANS!
Rosytears profile - diary
comments: What can I say? She writes beautifully. I've fallen inlove with her diary.
Blindsided32 profile - diary
comments: Aww so damn funny. She cracks me up!
Icymotha profile - diary
comments: She likes Joydrop...she's fucking awesome in my book!

My favorite music:

comments: "I'm not beautiful like you...I'm beautiful like me."
The Ataris
comments: "Being Grown up, isn't half as fun as growing up."
comments: "There's nothing in motion and I'm satisfied...No disappointment, til I wake up."
Jed's a Millionaire
comments: "All that's ever meant to me. You were everything I see. But I couldn't hold it right here in my hand. I just let it slip away, now there's no words I can say...How I wish I could turn back time to where it all began...with you."
Michelle Branch
comments: "(Chaque fois que tu t'en vas ) You just bring me down.(Je pré´Ľnds que tu fais bien) So I'm counting my tears til I get over you."

My favorite movies:

Kate And Leopald
comments: Sweetest movie ever.
Shallow Hal
comments: Funny and has a good meaning.

My favorite authors:

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