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In the days the golden days when everybody knew what they wanted...

they're not here today

My favorite diaries:

spindle profile - diary
comments: someone from my past
yoshi-c profile - diary
comments: A random person who likes my diary. Her brother really is horrible.
aeternum profile - diary
comments: I really don't know her well, but she likes my diary.
squidgyheads profile - diary
comments: a couple of freinds of mine who went off to wander the world., as opposed to myself, who just wanders.
zenbeginner profile - diary
purplebowie profile - diary
beautify profile - diary
comments: a great site for diary templates
planetqueen profile - diary
puppett profile - diary
comments: we don't really have lot in common but he's a fun read
patrickg profile - diary
comments: the newly reminted diary of gayfraud.
foosgold profile - diary
thefields profile - diary
comments: A great designer and I finally discovered where her diary is!

My favorite music:

comments: Who doesn't like Radiohead? Really? I don't want to talk to you then.
Ani Difranco
comments: she sings about the things I have felt in myself
comments: the source for my qoute on the top of my profile and easily one of my favorite groups.
Tori Amos
comments: I know, every fag loves Tori. You can stop smirking now.
Trickey&Massive Attack
comments: I am gong through a faze. Deal with it.

My favorite movies:

Mulholland Drive
comments: David Lynch is not alway terribly good but at least he's interesting.
comments: Both of which are subtitles in French. Or at least Quebecios in the case of Maelstrom
The Others/The Ring
comments: I have noticed horror movies often start with "The-"
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
comments: Still one of my favorites. Horray for implausible kung fu.
Moulin Rouge!
comments: So exciting the audience will stop and cheer, so delighting it will run for fifty years!

My favorite authors:

Stephen Batchelor
comments: his Buddhism Without Beliefs is a interesting insight into the philosophy of Buddhism while getting rid of the religious connotations that seem to come with it in most volumes
Alexandre Dumas
comments: as a kid The Count of Monte Cristo was one of my favorite books. Still is.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
comments: Anyone who thinks the little prince was only for children has not read it recently.
H.P. Lovecraft
comments: He and Poe were the fathers of the modern horror.... also some of the few who could actually write the stuff.
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: I am listing him in tribute to his work. I am not normally a big fan of his genre, but he was the master of it.

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