Je n'ai pas pu devenir un Ange...

I don't want to be a Calvanist. I don't want to be a cynic. I don't want to be human.

We should have died a long time ago, you and I. The second we fell upon this arid planet without pain, and without sorrow. The schedule has been merely set back. Cherish what time you have left. The end is near. Learn to accept it.

My favorite diaries:

suta profile - diary
comments: Wai, I love this girl to adorable little child ^__^ (and a great writer on top of it...) So she also gets first place.
dooki profile - diary
comments: Such an entertaining girl....ranting rambling non stereo-eco and don't you love it. Like listening to Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D, Op. 35 with the stereo turned all the way up in a chain-mail bikini.
punk-loser profile - diary
comments: Fuck pacifism
pigment profile - diary
comments: I absolutely loved this diary.....his words really got to me.
penguinllama profile - diary
comments: Let's face it, their diary is shit....but their my friends so...yeah.
worthlessl profile - diary
comments: Beautiful like heroin
everoboto profile - diary
dariodevil profile - diary
spritopias profile - diary
toleratethis profile - diary
loathe profile - diary
redcadmium profile - diary
tech-noir profile - diary
othelladub profile - diary
pirate-life profile - diary
firefirefly profile - diary
heartshaped profile - diary
djmarionette profile - diary
babyee-angel profile - diary
celestial31 profile - diary
theyknew profile - diary
jinx1 profile - diary
jerrbear profile - diary
ghanima profile - diary
rem2929 profile - diary
l2roxy profile - diary
bangetsavoha profile - diary
josepi profile - diary
buddhababy profile - diary
false-apathy profile - diary
carpenocteme profile - diary
comments: Whiny little fucker who dosen't deserve the blood in his veins.

My favorite music:

comments: Rest in peace. The only band that meant anything in the last twenty years.
Clan of Xymox
comments: A fucking classic. They deserve to be up there with Bauhaus and Joy Division, they don't get the credit they've earned.
The Cruxshadows
comments: I know, I's a bit typical to say so, but I love them to death. Especially their first few albums.
comments: Okay, okay, I admit it. They are my favourite existing band. Jay Gordon is fucking awesome.
The Cure
comments: DISINTEGRATION IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER!!!! *Ahem* But honestly, Robert Smith is really a god.

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Frank Miller
comments: Simply the godfather of modern graphic lore.
Anne Rice
comments: TVC, what can I say?.....
James O'Barr
comments: I have to agree with Koi....he really is another bronze-age god.
Lewis Carrol
comments: Apparently, the more of a perverted child molester you are, the better writer you are.
Kazuki Takahashi
comments: One of my favourite mangaka.

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