awkward situations a-plenty: humor enough to compensate...

hey. as part of a temporary, but oh so important damage control move, i have had to password. if you want the password (read: if you are one of the people who regularly read, and whom i would know...sort of... from your diary), let me know and i will email you the password.

in the meantime... sorry.

My favorite diaries:

joyfulgrl profile - diary
comments: lovely lovely woman.
brightdawn profile - diary
comments: anglophiles need to stick together.
quelamour profile - diary
comments: my annikin.
thepariahs profile - diary
comments: something else i work on. occasionally. well, actually, very rarely. but it's fun nontheless.
boyfromks profile - diary
comments: typically, i won't add someone just because they added me. but i read his back entries, and not only does his listen to AMAZING music, but boyfromks also has brill political opinions as well. and a great recipe for vegetarian chilli. he earns a spot
panda-baby profile - diary
comments: kind of stumbled upon this one... don't even know how... but i read as much as i could in half an hour, and i have decided that i like her. and her writing.
cry profile - diary
comments: the collaborative efforts of a group of elitest bastards. i am so captivated...
mathyou profile - diary
comments: not sure why i like him so much... maybe it's because he's funny? or a really good writer? whatever the reason, he's fascinating...
la-de-dah profile - diary
comments: definately on my all-time favorite list of people, and i'm happy to add her as one of my favorite reads. smart and sassy, and sarcastic to boot.

My favorite music:

bob dylan
comments: not really a band, so much as an artist, but i love him
bright eyes
modest mouse
death cab for cutie
comments: on a side note, i LOVE utah phillips. not so much his music... on a scale of 1 to 10, i like his music about a 5.5, but i love love love him as a public figure.

My favorite movies:

lock, stock and two smoking barrels
comments: also, lovelovelove snatch.
lost in translation
comments: god father i. ii and iii were good too, but i... you just can't compare.
usual suspects
comments: the knack and how to get it, casablanca
amores perros
comments: and y tu mama tambien. and, on a completely different note, i love the movie the dangerous lifes of alter boys. good good good movie.
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
comments: pulp fiction and reservoir dogs, spirited away, cowboy bebop (knockin on heaven's door)

My favorite authors:

david foster wallace
hunter s. thompson
comments: god damn, this man makes me laugh hysterically.
kurt vonnegut
ronald dahl
comments: childhood favorite> nostaligia> current favorite
chuck palahnuik

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