ride the circus wheel

now she's a little boy in spain

playing pianos filled with flames

on empty rings around the sun

all sing to say my dream has come

My favorite diaries:

dyke profile - diary
comments: somehow. i want the pieces to fall into place in a quite non-melodramatic sense. somehow. you lie in bed. and i lie next to you. and i don't know what to do about it anymore.
to-aerosmith profile - diary
comments: you know you rock, you fuckin' knuckleheads. you just need to take the toys back from the attic.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: how long is the average moment?
laminate-me profile - diary
comments: we had to park in the "shady" alley portion of the parking lot, and we anxiously waited for some drug deals to go down. actually we went inside.
clevertwist profile - diary
comments: her soul did not shimmer / but she shattered in my eyes / the day she yawned / while soldiers died on our tv screen / flowing like the ocean / and tearing off like wings
undecisive profile - diary
comments: my life before this was a long drawn out movie. the kind where you feel sorry for the character, but at the same time you're yelling at them for how stupid they're being. but that's a story that i don't feel like telling at the moment.
roserapturer profile - diary
comments: some of the pain is gone already. if there's a god or whatever, and he says i won't need my material possessions, i'll kick him in the ass and say "gimme my cd's back... damned omnipotent fuckhead." - rogue
tvzero profile - diary
comments: i remember that feeling as i walked into a strange new place of warmth and comfort. i wish there was a way to put it in a jar and keep it alive by just punching a few holes in the lid.
yermom- profile - diary
comments: everyone else has been writing for so long.. i dont know. when i read nichole's diary she sounds so.. so.. smart. it's interesting. and everyone else's is amusing. that leaves me to be.. rosy? eh maybe.
music4christ profile - diary
comments: maren and i played a game, i don't know the name of it, but it was entertaining. it's a game where you kill each other on paper. hehehe. 'cause you know that's normal.
girl-o-matic profile - diary
comments: she'd keep herself from carving words in her arms by carving them into the headboard of her bed. instead. the only problem was, headboards don't bleed, and anyhow everyone knows how good scars look beneath gauze and bracelets.
shadowglass profile - diary
comments: he woke up to the soundtrack from titanic/mascara smeared across the damp pillow / there are a million lives left for her to live/she's spent this one opening his legs to him, inviting him inside/she wonders how she wandered so far from home
be-my-heroin profile - diary
comments: i want the other half to my silver brokenheart charm. i want a marijuana &glitter gauze romance. i want to go down in a bed of sex &clover; a lover's suicide. i want someone who understands.
jaded-beauty profile - diary
comments: she was the first person to know that i was a lesbian. the first person i watched porn with. my first real true blue best friend. we can talk about everything, even what ride at disney we would have sex on.
strikeonbox profile - diary
comments: my best friends are both in the hospital for attempted suicide. one with pills, one with a razorblade. she told me she was fingerpainting.
therat profile - diary
comments: i wish i could be young forever / live in a glasshouse, / the light burns clearer / keep up this poker face for-ever.
nakedembrace profile - diary
comments: another day in this fucked up life, / another struggle just to get through nine to five, / maybe it was only ego talking, / but i always thought we were innocent.
thefallofart profile - diary
comments: who would i show this to? all my naked thinking all these words. no wall pushed up against them.
itsdorkrock profile - diary
comments: this is a girlthing from suburbia , living but not really , striving for excellence but not really . this is life . but not really .
revolte profile - diary
comments: i hate who you are, but that doesn't mean i've fallen out of love with who you used to be.
blood-daisy profile - diary
comments: reality seems to be so depressing, and so i choose to sometimes ignore it. not acknowledging things doesn't make them go away, but it makes them invisible, and that is good enough for me.
jacks-lacuna profile - diary
comments: excuse me while i kiss that guy but i'm not gay had a dream i was though but for once i felt i had a cheese parka. yes a cheeze parka, made of pastromi not colby.
missedpoints profile - diary
comments: he'll still have his virginity by the time marla and i have lost ours to mysterious motorcycle boyfriends. maybe we'll tie him up like a sacrificial ritual. marla and i are so crazy we won't even need to be drunk to do something like that.
girlrobot profile - diary
hanged profile - diary
wars profile - diary
sunkship profile - diary
someghost profile - diary
natalie-dee profile - diary
fourohseven profile - diary
doitfast profile - diary
bedroomwalls profile - diary
fine-china profile - diary
comments: on wednesday behind the table we were comparing shoe sizes. and then hand sizes. he grabbed mine and was just looking at it, tracing the lines. "do you know how to read palms?" i asked. "no," he said.

My favorite music:

comments: billy joel. nirvana. aerosmith. jewel. wilco. r.e.m. oasis. simon & garfunkel. hanson. america. heart. tom petty. howie day. the eagles. marilyn manson.
comments: goo goo dolls. melissa etheridge. counting crows. collective soul. new radicals. damn yankees. spice girls. michelle branch. shaw blades.
comments: bread. sponge. bob dylan. velvet underground. natalie imbruglia. the who.

My favorite movies:

girl, interrupted
comments: have you ever confused a dream with life? or stolen something when you have the cash? have you ever been blue? or thought your train moving while sitting still?
little shop of horrors
comments: does this look 'inanimate' to you, punk? if i can move and i can talk, who's to say i can't do anything i want?
dude, where's my car?
comments: wait a second, let's recap. last night, we lost my car, we accepted stolen money from a transsexual stripper, and now some space nerds want us to find something we can't pronounce.
comments: it's been 84 years, and i can still smell the fresh paint. the china had never been used. the sheets had never been slept in. titanic was called the ship of dreams, and it was. it really was.
harriet the spy
comments: you know what? you're an individual, and that makes people nervous. and it's gonna keep making people nervous for the rest of your life.

My favorite authors:

e.e. cummings
comments: my blood approves, and kisses are a far better fate than wisdom. lady i swear by all flowers. don't cry.
francesca lia block
comments: they walked on melrose with its neon, lovers, frozen yogurt and italian restaurants, and santa monica with its thin boys on bus-stop benches, lonely hot dog stands, and auto repair shops where the cars glowed with fluorescent raindrops.
sharon olds
comments: i have not been able to forgive you for giving your daughter away, letting her go at eight as if you took molly ann or tiny tears and held her head under the water in the bathinette until no bubbles rose, or threw her dark rosy body on the fire that burne
anne sexton
comments: all in all, i'd say, the world is strangling. and i, in my bed each night, listen to my twenty shoes converse about it. and the moon, under its dark hood, falls out of the sky each night, with its hungry red mouth, to suck at my scars.

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