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"Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory."

If thats so, Im pretty screwed.

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My favorite diaries:

BassManSixty profile - diary
comments: The toughest girl you'll ever meet...My husband.
LadeeLeroy profile - diary
comments: I want to be just like her when I grow up.
LoveKurt profile - diary
comments: My General dosent write anymore...
TobiasCobain profile - diary
comments: I should be sleeping right now...
Leanthe profile - diary
comments: Shes nice to me even though I cant read her now...
bettyalready profile - diary
comments: Views of a mom.
enurta profile - diary
comments: The trick is to keep breathing...
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: I had a dream that her cats were going to teach my cats Kung Fu.
geoffchaucer profile - diary
comments: Sweet guy, I wish him happy thoughts.
dulligirl profile - diary
comments: Not so dull...
Crayon profile - diary
comments: Just found, reading over archives...
cherryglaze profile - diary
comments: Shes just a girl, in the world.
for-you-only profile - diary
comments: Everything Id want to say sounds insulting so Ill just go on...
shewholies profile - diary
comments: Just found, reading over archives...
bellamorte32 profile - diary
comments: Reminds me of myself from just one entry...
zombielady profile - diary
comments: Just found, reading over archives...
sadhaven profile - diary
comments: Just found, reading over archives...
emu-head profile - diary
comments: Just found, reading over archives...
imatwin profile - diary
comments: Just found, reading over archives...
clitty profile - diary
comments: Just found, reading over archives...
suicideinc profile - diary
comments: Just found, reading over archives...
skinny-bum profile - diary
all-sewn-up profile - diary
thecity profile - diary
roapear profile - diary
boyafterboy profile - diary
ceilings profile - diary
urmywndrwall profile - diary
trancejen profile - diary
comments: Spiffylicious
comebacktome profile - diary
sunfuck profile - diary
boyecho profile - diary
comments: "I want my fucking childhood back. Id live it the exact same way."
candyrock profile - diary
kittendreamx profile - diary
theturtle profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: The Dresden Dolls, Tool, Primus, Marilyn Manson (old), Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Les Claypool, Chris Cornell, Insane Clown Posse, White Zombie, Obituary,
The Doors
comments: Cypress Hill, Zeromancer, A Perfect Circle, Type O Negative, Jack Off Jill, The Cruxshadows, Yoko Kanno, Bella Morte, Janis Joplin, KMFDM, Jimi Hendrix, Silverchair, Sisters Of Mercy, The Bloodhound Gang, Garbage, Dark Lotus, Rasputina, Placebo, KoRn
Type O Negative
comments: Veruca Salt, Diary Of Dreams, The Smashing Pumpkins, Mindless Self Indulgence, Siouxie And The Banshees, No Doubt (old), Blind Melon, Sublime, CoVet, London After Midnight, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Bauhaus,
Nine Inch Nails
comments: Rancid, Obituary, Joy Division, Radiohead, Rob Zombie, Hole, Static X, Rammstein, Lost Highway soundtrack, The Kovenant, Led Zeppelin, Clan Of Xymox, Radiohead, Dave Navarro, Celldweller.
Marilyn Manson
comments: 311, Elastica, Prince, Rancid, And a whole lot of others but Im sleepy so Ill add later. Im sure you get the idea though...

My favorite movies:

comments: American history X,, Freeway 2, Lost highway, The crow, Lost boys, When the cats away, That night, Elvira mistress of the dark,
The Pillow Book
comments: The saddest music in the world, Sid and Nancy, Heavenly creatures, Blue velvet, The people versus Larry Flynt, Total eclipse, Rivers edge, Light it up, Fight club, Boys dont cry, The matrix, The elephant man (David Lynch version),
Girl Interrupted
comments: Eye of the beholder, Over the edge, Trainspotting, Girls town, Kurt and Courtney, Frances, Nightmare before Christmas, Beetlegeuse, Girl 6, From dusk till dawn, Hackers, The shawshank redemption,
Velvet Goldmine
comments: The princess bride, 5 doller couches, Whats eating Gilbert Grape, Box of moonlight, Passion in the desert, La femme Niketa, Once were warriors, Scarface, Edward Scissorhands, Labyrinth, Trainspotting, Run Lola run,
Freeway 2
comments: Slums of beverly hills, Amadeus, Frankie and Johnny, The pillow book, The warriors, Legend, Girl, interrupted, Titus, Rocky horror picture show, Beavis and Butthead do America, The guru, John Carpenter's Vampires,

My favorite authors:

Kurt Cobain
comments: Vandalism, as beautiful as a rock in a cops face.
Jim Morrison
comments: People are strange, and what better example of that than the lizard king himself.
Anne Rice
comments: I would have put her down a long time ago but at that time, she was too trendy.
Arthur Golden
comments: Memoirs of a Geisha... <3
S.E. Hinton
comments: Ive read "The Outsiders" about 75 times. And chances are that Ill read it another 75 before I die.

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