She's everybody else's girl...

.............Never her own.

I'm locked. username = username

password = password

My favorite diaries:

allstarme531 profile - diary
comments: ::locked:: - one of my bestest friends ever
amazinfuckup profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes, people who genuinely need love will reject it simply because it's not coming from where they wanted. "
antihoyhoys profile - diary
comments: "Oh! I got called a skank today. I'm so proud. "
blueiceflame profile - diary
comments: "I asked Jeff if we could try a relationship with no sex involved and he said yes... If we could each have fuck buddies on the side. Uh, no."
cheese-rot profile - diary
comments: "Today was, well technically it was Tuesday, but I'm not a calender. Not yet."
diary-nazi profile - diary
comments: A review site.... but I think the reviewers just kick complete ass... So there you go.
downcasted profile - diary
comments: "Darkness replaces where the light once shined."
flirtreviews profile - diary
comments: A site a friend of mine started and that i took over, then gave away to my friend. I still review there when I'm needed. Yay for my coolness. Ha
flower21 profile - diary
comments: "Isn't it horrible that innocent people can get hurt or screwed over by other peoples mistakes or actions? "
icedmilk profile - diary
comments: I review here.
imonlyagirl profile - diary
comments: "But you know what. I'm not gonna be the old me. I'm trying this thing were I only do what's gonna make me happy."
levitate-me profile - diary
comments: kiss me harder kiss bite lick || Let my blood be your lipstick || Everything sparkles and glimmers and shines || Look at it look though i know you are blind
lostgem profile - diary
comments: "I don't even know if my normal forms of self-destruction can get me through the day now. "
misssmitten profile - diary
comments: ----
not-quite profile - diary
comments: "as the water rises& the wind picks up dorthy& toto& million photographs& memories, i think i'll take a nap& imagine it's your arms instead of icy water cradeling me to sleep "
polkadotstar profile - diary
comments: "glowing adoration splashing the uniformed room ||| with rebellious swirls of glitterlove"
punk-loser profile - diary
comments: ladies and fucking gentelmen of america... give me your eyes as i type these words... *ahem* YOU ARE FUCKING MORONIC DOUCHEBAGS!!!!
ratherbored profile - diary
comments: "My mom replaced our normal closet doors with mirror covered ones. Which is great, because I really needed all of my insecurites to stare at me in the face as soon as I wake up. "
reevo profile - diary
comments: "i counted the stars each night before i went to sleep. three years ago, my sky fell in & i couldn’t see them anymore"
ruby--sky profile - diary
comments: ---
sofrontwards profile - diary
comments: ---
soverycherry profile - diary
comments: "I could really use a nap. Like, a nice, six-hour long nap. Is that too much to ask?"
suicideinc profile - diary
comments: "our lips spelling out broken sentences, scarring the stars and tearing wings from angels. the pulse in your wrist is absent and your brainwaves have ceased. this was supposed to be romeo&juliet..."
tinkybella profile - diary
comments: "this hurts too much // but your eyes keep me glued to my spot // while your words break my heart"
twistedverse profile - diary
comments: "You are so unique sweetheart... just like everybody else. "
zombee profile - diary
comments: "I don't know what the fuck Bug wants from me. But whatever it is, it hurts. bad."
viciousoreo profile - diary
comments: ----
fakebob profile - diary
comments: ----

My favorite music:

comments: the song Broken F. Amy Lee is the bestest thing.
comments: not all of it... but most
Lisa Loeb
comments: she speaks my soul
comments: beautiful
comments: oh the memories this shit brings back

My favorite movies:

comments: It'd be better without Tom Cruise
Some Girl
comments: Marissa Ribisi is super sexxxy and her brother Giovanni ain't so bad either
Princess Bride
comments: As You Wish
Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: Damnit Janet... I love you
Kevin Smith
comments: Everything by Kevin Smith is just the bestest in the world

My favorite authors:

Alice Hoffman
comments: River King, Probable Future, etc.
Francesca Lia Block
comments: Dangerous Angels, Violet & Claire, etc.
Carol Goodman
comments: Lake of Dead Languages, Drowning Tree

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