The Ukulele King is a playwright and freelance writer living in Omaha, Nebraska, from where he has set out to develop a reputation as The Worst Poet in the World.

My favorite diaries:

tanisanne profile - diary
comments: There is a conspiracy afoot for Fametracker's regular forum posters to start diaries here, I just know it.
mikeski profile - diary
comments: More evidence.
i-girl profile - diary
comments: And more.
originalray profile - diary
comments: More still. Well, conspiracy or not, these folks are FUNNY.
bionicgurl profile - diary
comments: Somehow she tracked me down before I had a chance to post how much I like her diary. Well, good -- go visit the damn thing.
interview profile - diary
comments: Most online diaries are really, really terrible. Some aren't. Here are interviews with the authors of those that ain't.
cosmorific profile - diary
comments: Ah! Additionally evidence of my Fametracker theory! Soon I will be able to publish!
mr-oaf profile - diary
comments: TEZNEZCO! The company run by bears! TM; and holy cow, every Weblog should have at least this much hint of genius!
operastar profile - diary
comments: She's a sucker for MAKE BELIEVE.
Ruthiebat profile - diary
comments: There's endless discovery to be had in Ruthiebat's universe.
Weatherking profile - diary
comments: I must support my fellow royalty.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Countrified goodness; don't be bother'n her when she's talking about haints.
tornlace profile - diary
comments: Goth goodness. NYC Streetfights, terrorism alerts, Mr. Rogers -- good stories well told.
realjesus profile - diary
comments: Your own personal Jesus journal; pick the mind of one of the Trinity (you think the Holy Ghost would be as forthcoming?)
ladeeleroy profile - diary
comments: Comedy gold. You must check out "Your Uterus Needs To Be Decorated ."
animaldreams profile - diary
comments: Another Fametracker? You guessed it.
jennet profile - diary
comments: Yet another. I am starting to think that I am the last person on earth to have a Web diary.
moonshine76 profile - diary
comments: Says Meh a lot, and that's just one of many endearing qualities.
vegasbaby75 profile - diary
comments: Another Fametracker! Sheesh, talk about peer pressure!
philothea profile - diary
comments: A recently delurked Fametracker, but with 200 posts on the online diary! Wow! 200!
dland-stamps profile - diary
comments: Here's an ingenious concept -- design your own stamp and up it will go! See if you can find the one from bawd, the Ukulele Kingdom.
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: Political ranting at its best.
discothekid profile - diary
comments: More political ranting. My hat's off to you foks!
vsde profile - diary
comments: It's like the diary version of Carol Lay's Minute Stories, when Carol Lay is good.

My favorite music:

The Sons of the Pioneers
comments: I often wish that the high, melancholy voice that cries out "water" in the song "Cool Water" would just show up in other songs, like those by Madonna, as though the singer were still lost out there somewhere, still searching.
Cliff Edwards
comments: Or Ukulele Ike to those who know him. You know his voice, you just don't realize it yet -- he provided Jiminy Cricket's dialogue.
Marta Sebestyan
comments: Her singing chills me to my very marrow. Do you hear me? TO MY VERY MARROW!
walter Hughston
comments: An actor, really, and only known for singing one song -- September Song, from Knickerbocker Holiday. He had a thin, somewhat off-tune voice, and he reduces me to tears every time I hear it. The days DO dwindle down to a precious few.
Irving Berlin
comments: Not a band or a singer, I know, but this seems as good a place as any to credit the man who essentially invented the popular music of the 20th century. Props go to cole Porter and the Gershwins as well, but they don't move me like Berlin's music

My favorite movies:

comments: For my money, the best movie ever made; I particularly adore its mixture of expressionism and a near-documentary realism.
Emperor of the North
comments: There aren't many hobo narratives out there. Here's a great one.
comments: I know, I know, but I'm a sucker for a great Western. Shane! Come back, Shane!
Pickup on South Street
comments: Anti-communist hysteria has never been anywhere near this good.
High School Confidential
comments: A guilty pleasure, but, as you know, I love the guilty pleasures.

My favorite authors:

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