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I've discovered that unlocked diaries are happy diaries!

Here comes the sun in the form of a girl

She's the finest sweetest thing in the world

Take you to heaven tonight

I feel the horses coming galloping

In the summer rain

Take you to heaven tonight

'Cause I love you for what you are

Out on the winding road I couldn't wait

Oh baby, I was afraid

Headed for heaven tonight

I'll go to heaven tonight

I feel the horses coming galloping

I will never grow old

I'll go to heaven tonight

Because I love you for what you are

I can't believe that I can be happy

Someone will come again

I can be happy

Oh, stop your crying

You can be happy

Go to heaven when you make me happy

Here comes the kiss that I never had

Nothing feels like this

Headed for heaven tonight

I love you

Here comes a storm in the form of a girl

She's the finest sweetest thing in the world

I'll go to heaven tonight for what you are

We'll go to heaven tonight


My favorite diaries:

budget204 profile - diary
comments: Me and Will's hot summer nights...
glitterscars profile - diary
comments: Superb writing and fun to read. Then there's Mulder, ahh...
punk-loser profile - diary
comments: PuNkROcK! I like the layout. the diary's honest.
cherry900 profile - diary
comments: oh-so-punk! great entries, really mature writing
virgincherry profile - diary
comments: enjoy reading this one, and the layout is simply fantastic!
flippie profile - diary
comments: ~What a rockin' diary~! SHe's awesome!
nodoubtgirl7 profile - diary
comments: *rock steady* a fellow no doubt fan!
coeval profile - diary
comments: I feel like I know you...
colorkitten profile - diary
comments: meow! Fabulous writing, and I like all the quotes.
havenheaven profile - diary
comments: Her writing is great, and the layout is very pretty.
stolen-rain profile - diary
comments: beautiful poetry, real talent
rmsoboist profile - diary
comments: she's always right, just like me! what a nifty diary : o
dark-kittie profile - diary
comments: The x-files? punk? please tell me if you can get any better.
zzzz profile - diary
comments: she has a neat diary, and she's into trading spaces!
elliemulder profile - diary
comments: very impressive and so beautiful
innershadow profile - diary
comments: I love this diary. Awesome stuff.
aprettylush profile - diary
comments: fun to read, I keep coming back to this one
clauren profile - diary
comments: She's so sweet, and reading her diary is so refreshing
kittyspy profile - diary
comments: a rockin' diary....meow?
venusinfurss profile - diary
comments: beautiful, I do say. And a fan of one of the best movies ever
solo-star profile - diary
comments: love is complicated, and she's trying to figure it out <3
emokid09 profile - diary
comments: another equally as grand diary by stolen-rain
sweetjane116 profile - diary
comments: Sweet! An unusual layout that I love.
cleopatra19 profile - diary
comments: A faerie queen and oh-so-sweet
getupkid4now profile - diary
comments: Such a good heart. Great diary, layout is sweet : )
deadblckrose profile - diary
comments: she thinks she can't write *scoffs* what a joke
cat-alogue profile - diary
comments: meeeeow! pretty and fun
ahmetai profile - diary
comments: A Lord of the Rings sister and a true fan
alkalinepixi profile - diary
comments: Beautiful beautiful layout. This girl is a true faerie
sillieshamma profile - diary
comments: I'm seeing stars. I can relate perfectly to most of her entries.
m0oncrystal profile - diary
comments: More swirly stars on this diary (pretty) + She likes Avril <3
honestjewel profile - diary
comments: a rockstar chica who is sweet, fun, and has a great diary to read!
hobbity profile - diary
comments: lotr sister. "Die colonel Tavington!"
poisoncat profile - diary
comments: cool kitty. "My feelings are now officially closed. Come back later."
weetzie-bat7 profile - diary
comments: i bet we were really close in another life...perhaps we were both cats, eh?
ever-after profile - diary
comments: she has a good sense of humor & lots of courage <3
rstemplates profile - diary
comments: AWESOME templates, I recommend them. This girl rocks
brighteyed04 profile - diary
comments: scully1013 - the same girl, but also very different....still a good diary.
bamboopink profile - diary
comments: a sweetheart. I find that I can relate to several of her entries.
crashintome profile - diary
heidiann profile - diary
jackoffgia profile - diary
VIVAlicious profile - diary
scully1013 profile - diary

My favorite music:

Go Sailor
comments: happy happy indie pop, but with good lyrics. Rose has a beautiful voice.
comments: everyone knows them. I love them. Vintage Queen is my favorite song. Kinda reminds me of me.
Snake River Conspiracy
comments: Totally awesome techno hardcore punk rock. female singer....GOOD!!
Bright Eyes
comments: Eve 6, Zebrahead, Everclear, Allister, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Drain Sth, Sleater-Kinney, L7, Lunachicks, Dancehall Crashers, Good Charlotte, Wheatus, 311, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, The Weakerthans, Samiam, The Foo-Fighters, Bad Ronald
No Doubt
comments: Tsunami bomb, Killing Heidi, Nofx, Tenacious D, Box Car Racer, MEST, Fenix-TX, Dashboard Confessionals, Jimmy Eat World, No Use for a Name, Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, Greenday, Hole, Garbage, Everclear, Ataris, Midtown, Unwritten Law

My favorite movies:

Romeo and Juliet
comments: *sigh* this is the best movie, my personal favorite. I could watch it forever.
Moulin Rouge
comments: Truly wonderful. So colorful ands glittery and beautiful - I love Baz Luhrman.
Lord of the Rings
comments: fantastic. brilliant. just plain lovely.
The Rules of Attraction
comments: It's one of those movies that you're not quite sure if you hate or love...I think I love it.
Velvet Goldmine
comments: Ewan McGregor is a god. This movie is beautiul.

My favorite authors:

Francesca Lia Block
comments: Reminds me of Baz Luhrman movies - everything is somehow surreal and beautiful and magical. <3
comments: well, Romeo and Juliet is my favorite movie. I love the script.
Armistead Maupin
comments: addictive, I got obsessed over the Tales of the City series.
Lee Smith
comments: It's almost like reading about my life - she's so honest and insightful.
Wally Lamb
comments: She's Come Undone is one of the best books I've ever read.

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