The Chronicles of The Blur

So I've got a lot on my mind and more on my to-do list, but hey! I make time for my diary.

My favorite diaries:

what-a-card profile - diary
comments: colleen moved to AZ, pioneered the azn culture phenomenon (-.-) photog buddies fo' LYF
ratherbored profile - diary
comments: offspring of the coolest EWo's ever, brilliant humor- for a ginger
jesushomeboy profile - diary
comments: twins, sushi, mk&a, mind reading, savage beatings, fudgesicles- a few of the things that constitute our beautiful friendship. (300%)
urmomsaho profile - diary
comments: pete wentz. tackles me off chairs when i'm not looking
gizzhead profile - diary
comments: anne. tall, clever, beautiful. willing to lend me shoes and trade with me so i won't collapse while walking in a bad part of dc
tituba profile - diary
comments: fazila. queen of yellow, and africa.
cherrygash profile - diary
comments: grim dry romance... gets pistachios for christmas
blazingstar profile - diary
comments: refreshingly fresh sarcasm, has learned the hard way that cockroaches are to be feared
summerroll profile - diary
comments: reads the lips of ignorant cubans just to get by, plays kickball and deals with girls who taser people
hosay profile - diary
comments: IT'S ABOUT TIME, JOSIE. i love you 300%
yellow-ninja profile - diary
comments: has an understandably low tolerance for roommate stupidity... and i recently discovered that we lead freakishly similar lives
johnguinness profile - diary
callmebee profile - diary
comments: i'll tell you, these boys from the hood... HAHAHAHA one of the funniest diaries i've read so far
mojomike232 profile - diary
comments: bartow michael hodge, i never knew you had one
thehorsegirl profile - diary
comments: marycarter is my idol
hobbitmurder profile - diary
comments: McNulty too?? where have i been?
aftonian profile - diary
comments: claire bear!

My favorite music:

comments: and everything.... i kid you not.
mat kearney
comments: i've reached the point where i get angry if one of his songs is not flooding my ear canal every minute of the day

My favorite movies:

anything starring MK and Ash
comments: because i'm just that awesome
Harry Potter
comments: because they're hellatight

My favorite authors:

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