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Humm...let's see... I love drawing, writing, anime, animals (lizards =P), rock bands like Good Charlotte and of course good ol' God. XD That's it. Oh, and forgive any unweirdness you find in any of my entries. :)

My favorite diaries:

leslieirene profile - diary
comments: I think this is a pretty cool diary... Not exactly a lot of weird teenage issues like what I have... but it's really...mature...and the entries are well-written. :)
fantasy-life profile - diary
comments: GWEEBS! Haha.
pandonut profile - diary
comments: pretty doodles. :)
charlla profile - diary
comments: nellie :P
kittenspaws profile - diary
comments: chrissy. xD
piggish profile - diary
comments: alien!!
elucidation- profile - diary
comments: krystle *shudder* o__o
iridiscence profile - diary
comments: masty...woohoo!!

My favorite music:

Good Charlotte
comments: One of my all-time favourite rock band. Uber-cool songs. XD
Linkin Park
comments: Another favourite of mine. Points of Authority is still stuck in my head till now...
comments: One of my favourite non-rock band. They're pretty cool, they sing good, and they got good songs. :D
Destiny's Child
comments: I'm not sure what happened, but I think they broke up or something. :( That's too bad, cos I think they're the coolest. I love Kelly Rowland especially. ^__^
Foo Fighters
comments: Oh yeah... ROCK ON!!! Wh00t!! Rock bands rule!! XD Heheh. They've got really addictive songs, especially All My Life, and I love their kick-ass attitude. =P

My favorite movies:

comments: And I'm talking about BOTH the movies. Both are excellent, the images are really vivid, the acting was fantastic, full-stop. I CANNOT wait for the third movie... *hyperventilates*
The Matrix
comments: I never understood the story lines that well, but it's a really fabulous action movie. Full of the coolest tech and moves. Gets you on the edge of your seats, trust me on this.
Rush Hour 2
comments: Eee...I LOVE KUNG FU MOVIES!!! Yea yea yea!!! Jackie rules... B)
comments: Another great movie. Very confusing story line, very poignant ending, too much angst... just the way I like it. X)

My favorite authors:

Roald Dahl
comments: Possibly my favouritest author ever since I was ten. ^___^ He's a FANTASTIC writer. His children's books are great, and he writes excellent full-of-suspense stories too. We love you, old man. :)
J.K. Rowling
comments: I like how she describes things. She can make her descriptions really vivid, and that's why I like her books so much. And on top of that, she sprinkles in some occasional humour into her writing too, and that's never bad. Hope she'll write
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: I'm not particularly fond of his style of writing, but he's another avid descriptor. And besides, I love LOTR. AND The Hobbit. He's an excellent writer, although his style is probably not very good for those who have short attention spans l

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