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I jump from topic to topic with the greatest of ease. Pack the Gravol.


My favorite diaries:

upcountry profile - diary
comments: L'il Debbie, l'il Debbie...I'll follow you to this diary.
greengrl profile - diary
comments: She knows who The Wonder Stuff are. That is cool. She's just cool. =)
kissacod profile - diary
comments: Rufus's future wife. If you see him, you should tell him that. =)
fizzwizard profile - diary
comments: Hasn't updated in a long time. =(
pants profile - diary
comments: When it comes to good music, she knows where it's at! =)
indierawk profile - diary
comments: The indie rawkinest. =)
kiz profile - diary
comments: Rocks the Rock. =)
dlove profile - diary
comments: He writes so well and is a great painter. Stopped writing here. =(
weymouth66 profile - diary
comments: Cool guy. Enough said. Yay Euro Cup 2004.
fineskylark profile - diary
comments: Like most of us, is part of the Sloan diaryland cult. =)
goodowl profile - diary
comments: She's a hoot. No, really. =) [has now moved on to muffindisco]
slowone profile - diary
comments: I don't care how busy Miss Rock Journalist is, she needs to update this baby. =)
kristinemari profile - diary
comments: I bet she can play any instrument! She listens to good music and has a great diary too. =)
stereogirl profile - diary
comments: This chick listen to good music, dammit! She reads a lot too. =)
bornonatrain profile - diary
comments: The West Coast Express is about to come in. =)
mpemin profile - diary
comments: Thinks I deserve a medal. And candy...let's not forget the candy. =)
yay profile - diary
comments: That's "Underwhelmed Dude" to you. =)
shockrocket profile - diary
comments: Wears fiiiine pants. Thinks I'm odd. =)
thediastema profile - diary
comments: Canadian running free in SLC without a day-pass. =)
notnatural profile - diary
comments: Play on my friend. =)
cheeky-miuko profile - diary
comments: It's the ALRIIIIIIGHT kid! I bet you didn't know she's my little sister. We don't look the same because we have different parents. =)
bayliss profile - diary
comments: The haiku champeen!! =)
tones profile - diary
comments: Yet another Tonesy diary. It's all about the list. =)
dialectical profile - diary
comments: The meeting of two mind. They bitch. =)
superpatrick profile - diary
comments: It's super! It's Patrick (ok so it's not)! It's Super Patrick! =)
hot-topic profile - diary
comments: Laura is cool all around. =)
roadiepig profile - diary
comments: Told me to write: "Too old to still rock, but not quite dead yet." He's a pretty cool guy if you ask me. =)
blowtorch profile - diary
comments: HTML mad skillz. =)
muffindisco profile - diary
comments: Goodowl II. =)
hotmonkeysex profile - diary
comments: It's Monkay! approved. =)
ikeaman profile - diary
comments: He likes The Wonder Stuff, Blues Brothers, football and Ikea. That's close to perfection if you ask me. =)
tiendasexo profile - diary
comments: I plan on visiting this place! =) Update: I *have* been there.
fu-fu profile - diary
shmeder profile - diary
comments: A random banner click, but turned out to be a really good diary! =)
shaun-hatton profile - diary
japantravels profile - diary
andshewas profile - diary
theautomatik profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: The Who, Change of Heart, The New Pornographers, Eels, Novillero, Sandbox, Yoko Kanno
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
comments: Danko Jones, The Supersuckers, Consolidated, The Flashing Lights, Iceman, Gackt, Puffy Ami Yumi
I Mother Earth
comments: Bomfunk MCs, David Bowie, Limblifter, The Wonder Stuff, The New Meanies, Guitar Wolf
comments: Stephen Malkmus, Preston School of Industry, Elevator, Dodgy, Beck, blur, Calexico
Thrush Hermit
comments: The Inbreds, Rush, Mike O'Neill, Ani Difranco, treble charger, Panurge, The Meligrove Band

My favorite movies:

The Princess Bride
comments: ...and Breakfast Club
Easy Rider
comments: ...and Trainspotting
Blues Brothers
comments: ...and Run Lola Run
Bridget Jones's Diary
comments: ...and Pride and Prejudice TV mini-series
Cowboy Bebop
comments: ...and Resevoir Dogs

My favorite authors:

Oscar Wilde
comments: I'm going Bunburying!!
Dr. Seuss
comments: I am Sam, Sam I am............ok, well I'm not actually Sam
Jostein Gaarder
comments: Sophie's World is the greatest book I've ever read. Very well written.
J. B. Priestley
comments: I love love love "Found, Lost, Found"
J. K. Rowling
comments: Yeah, some of my friends think I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.

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