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My favorite diaries:

majikalpixie profile - diary
comments: :-D
hangover profile - diary
comments: No, i do not know this guy personally, but his diary is quite intreging.
unwingedangl profile - diary
comments: First person i met, sorry, i had to add someone.
inky-mr profile - diary
cutana profile - diary
taffy77 profile - diary
sir-inky profile - diary
roleast profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: Depressing at times, yet VERY good
Sigur Ros
comments: Sleepy music but the best there is.
comments: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, nuff said.
comments: Gota love that accent.
Smashing Pumpkins
comments: So sad they broke up :-(. . ... [ Fiona Apple ] [ Bjork ] [ 311 ] [ Nirvana ] [ Billy Joel ] [ Bach ] [ Motzart ] [ Green Day ] [ Ozzy ] [ Tom Petty ] [ Tool ] [ Tori Amos ] [ Orbital ] [ Prodigy ] [ The Orb ] [ Moby ] [ The Eels ]

My favorite movies:

A Beautiful Mind
comments: The BEST movie EVER made.
Vanilla Sky
comments: New twist on the "it was all a dream" type.
Silence of the Lambs
comments: Nice horror / drama type, gota love the canabals.
2001 A Space Odyssey / 2010 The Year We Made Contact
comments: Greatest SiFi flicks out there. ... [But I'm A cheerleader]
The Breakfast Club / 16 Candles
comments: Great "Teen" Movies, tho there the first and best ones ever ... [Pi] [Run Lola Run] [GoodWill Hunting] [Wonder Boys] [Girl] [Interrupted] [Requiem for a Dream] [Contact] [Planet of The Apes (original)] [Matrix] [Monsters Inc.] [Cruel Intentions]

My favorite authors:

comments: Freaky backwards movie ... (yes i know these are movies not authors, i dont read too much, sorry).
American Beauty
comments: Beautiful Movie about "Teen Angst."
The Ice Storm
comments: Another Great "Teen Angst" movie.
Empire Records
comments: Down With The Corperations.
Dazed and Confused
comments: Great Movie, nuff said.

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