::i'd rather rest forever in your arms::

standing so close

knowing that it kills me to breathe you in

My favorite diaries:

just-fine profile - diary
comments: //crawling through nothing but yards of black//
lastinglove profile - diary
comments: //we will always be//
xbrokenxstar profile - diary
comments: //i think i'm bent and you're perfect//
eclecticcalm profile - diary
comments: //can't deal. not this time//
iremainyours profile - diary
comments: //i will only dream of the brightness of it all//
angelsfallen profile - diary
comments: //please don't turn around//
downcasted profile - diary
comments: //i'm hoping tomorrow never comes//
itskillingme profile - diary
comments: //i'd pretend i was beautiful//
glasspromise profile - diary
comments: //maybe i am in love with love//
youlostme profile - diary
comments: //for a few minutes we let the sun overtake us//
dropsofyouth profile - diary
comments: //i would cry, had my tears not been stolen away//
loveme2night profile - diary
comments: //i think i've lost my angel//
arzoah profile - diary
comments: //i just don't want to watch myself fall apart//
singingcynic profile - diary
comments: //it's because all i ever want to write about is you//
deaddreams profile - diary
comments: //if words could kill, i'd spell out your name//
sharpsecret profile - diary
comments: //let my pain be done//
thedoorsopen profile - diary
comments: //so suffocate me here for awhile, because i deserve every lost breath//
icarus01 profile - diary
comments: //suddenly the sky is falling//
c-a-twoman profile - diary
comments: //wishing for an unhopeful dream//
lovemetwice profile - diary
comments: //can you hear me screaming? it's all for you//
she-is-pain profile - diary
comments: //is it your fear of being buried that makes you so afraid to speak?//
bloodyscars profile - diary
comments: //easiest way out is always through silence//
justenough profile - diary
comments: //&then i wake up, unable to breathe through the tears. //
silent-scars profile - diary
comments: //it was never my life to begin with//
maladroit17 profile - diary
comments: //it's like being hypnotized with your laughter, your smile//
onthewalls profile - diary
comments: //shows a captive of endless skies//
notlikeyoudo profile - diary
comments: //are you jealous of the half you lack? //

My favorite music:

denison marrs
comments: //let's dance until the nite yields unto the light//
pedro the lion
comments: //collapsing into a glowing heap...oh my sweet rapture//
comments: //tonite a star is shining on heart that is dying//
death cab for cutie
comments: //i think i'm drunk enough to drive you home now//
bright eyes
comments: //but you write such pretty words//

My favorite movies:

fight club
comments: //and then, something happened. i let go. lost in oblivion. dark and silent and complete. i found freedom. losing all hope was freedom.//
comments: //how am i supposed to heal if i can't feel time? i can't remember to forget you.//
girl interrupted
comments: //i know what it's like to want to die. how it hurts to smile...how you hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill the thing on the inside.//
garden state
comments: //and i remember thinking, even then, "this is love...this is love"//
american beauty
comments: //brad, for 14 years i've been a whore for the advertising industry. the only way i could save myself now is if i start firebombing. //

My favorite authors:

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