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Sorry, the signup process has temporarily been shut off to deal with people creating spam accounts on the site. CAPTCHAs will not solve this since the spammers are signing up manually. What we are doing for now is you can create an account, we just need to know you are not a spammer. These are the ways we can do this:

1. You can sign up ahead of time for gold or supergold membership. Once we receive the payment we will be in touch to give you a signup invite. If you wish to do this, click here.

2. You can pay $2.00 to prove you are not a spammer. In the future if you sign up for gold or supergold membership, you will be get this money taken off your order. If you wish to do this, click here.

3. If a current paid member vouches for you we will give you an invite to sign up. We don't have an automated system in place right now for this, so the paid member just has to put in a support ticket with your email address and we will send you an invite. Depending on how much demand there is for this, there may be a delay.

Please do not bug any paid members you don't know for an invite, doing that annoyingly may get you blacklisted. We do not want the invite system to end up meaning paid members get harassed.

We do not want to shut anyone out who just legitimately wants to use DiaryLand, so if you cannot use any of these 3 methods but can prove you are not a spammer, we will send you an invite, however because we are just setting up this system right now, it'd be easier if you did one of the above methods.

If you have any questions, concerns, etc. on the new system, please contact us (help @ diaryland dot com).

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