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One of the main points of DiaryLand is to make everything as easy as possible for people with a limited knowledge of how to run a blog. DiaryLand actually first started in 1999 because running an online diary or blog at the time was a real pain, you had to do a bunch of things just to get an entry up on the web. We simplified that, and through the years we've simplified it more and more and listened to what users have said about it.

To add an entry to your blog, you just click "add entry" and start typing.

To change how your diary looks you just click "alter design" and there are built-in new looks you can add.

Telling people how to get to your site is simple, you get a nice quick address in the format of your-username.diaryland.com

We do everything we can to make every step as simple as possible. Now of course if you want to get in depth, you can. There are a ton of other options you can delve into if you want to get beyond the basics. If you have HTML experience, you can do anything you want with your site, the layout stuff is super-flexible. But you don't need to do that stuff, and you can have a quick, easy, great-looking blog or online diary without doing anything other than signing up and blogging away!

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