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from whitlarson :
Hey - I'd love it if you'd join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!! Come check out the blog. http://teamdpn.blogspot.com
from yum-knitting :
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that D*land has RSS feeds now! Your feed would be annushka.diaryland.com/index.rss ! I'm super-duper excited about this (personally) because it makes bloglines possible for me! Yay!
from mnmom :
I like the way the sweater looks! It is so geometric I can't even tell it's a sweater. But I like it! So how short and what color is your hair? Peter is excited too. MNMOM
from mnmom :
So how short is your hair? And what color?
from mnmom :
Hello annushka, Haven't seen any email from you so I came looking for you here. And sure enough, I found you are alive and well and knitting. Just letting you know I made the returns and three sets of dishes are being sent to you instead of the vase and cookwear. Love, mnmom

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