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from drascus :
The Duke...is...dead...
from paintheatre :
Very intreging indeed. but being alone, is what everyone is. enjoy your writeings. I at most do.
from wallykerchie :
Hey there baby! I just thought I would write to you and tell you "Hi"! Luv ya lots!! You need to call me, cause I am really really pissed, but not at you. At someone else. So PLEASE call me before I explode. Thanx!!!
from crzandsingle :
Zach, I luv you!!! I had a lot of fun yesterday. Hope you did too. Call me soon. I luv you!!!!!
from sun-kissed :
Why am I on your favorite's list?? And why do you care who I am. Is it really neccassary?? I didn't think so. Well, there's my thoughts about that.
from supergirl10 :
I'm amanda froemming
from cdghost :
thank you,all the best
from sun-kissed :
Why do you want to know?? Do I scare you?? That's not my intenion. Just try to guess.

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