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Cacophic dreams in Cyberspace: a diary

This is the end of diaryland for me. It has been 5 years. I'm moving on to a different blog. I miss blogging but here is not the place. It's too painful. You can reach me at andersonnikki@live.com if needed.



My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

White Stripes
comments:  & Zepplin & System of a down
Elton John
comments:  & I love Carole King.
Micheal Jackson
comments:  Black Micheal Music - and I like the music, not the child molestor- RELAX!!!
comments:  and let's not forget the Sex Pistols.

My favorite movies:

Wild Things
comments:  Neve Campbell is a genius.
Moulin Rouge
comments:  Freedom, Beauty, Truth, Love....and Ewan McGregor.
Black Hawk Down
comments:  Kickass.
Bowling for Columbine
comments:  An excellent documentary
Interview With the Vampire
comments:  I first saw this with my aunt, when I was 12. I loved it instantly.

My favorite authors:

John Grisham
comments:  I love lawyer books.
Sidney Sheldon
comments:  Good story teller.
Kurt Vonnegut
comments:  Bitter old men rock.
JK Rowling
comments:  I know, I know, very original
Roald Dahl
comments:  childhood favourite

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