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hi. i'm suzen. nice to meet you.



My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

comments:  belle and sebastian, yo la tengo, rilo kiley, mates of state, rainer maria, stereolab, metric, ida, hem
comments:  sleater-kinney, cadallaca, falconhawk, reverie sound revue, the dudes, amelia curran, mark bragg, sloan
comments:  the anniversary, nick drake, nico, neil halstead, clem snide
comments:  and yea.

My favorite movies:

comments:  sixteen candles, better off dead, say anything, ferris bueller, the breakfast club, flashdance, footloose
comments:  lost in translation, center stage, big fish, in america, triplets of belleville, school of rock, high fidelity, serendipity
comments:  and a hell of a lot more crap.

My favorite authors:

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