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All I ever wanted

All I ever needed

Is here in my arms

Words are very unnecessary

They can only do harm.

My favorite diaries:

kibitzer    profile - diary
comments:  Kristy... Love her to death. Start writing again!
chapter3    profile - diary
comments:  Bitch, get up out of my Cheetos. Uh girl *snap*
mamaloza    profile - diary
comments:  Mom Loza... former teacher/good friend number one. I need to talk to her again...
corrupt-chs    profile - diary
comments:  Down for the moment, but good for a laugh.
checkerdandy    profile - diary
comments:  Rachel... whacky and insane, her two best traits.
caldwell-kid    profile - diary
comments:  Zach... A riddle wrapped in enigma wrapped in a trenchcoat. Some of my best CHS drama memories involve him.
webuiltacity    profile - diary
comments:  My locked diary. At least one of them...
e-piphany    profile - diary
comments:  "Jason = Gwen Stefani?"
purrrtykitty    profile - diary
comments:  Krystal... you need to update more.
westernesse    profile - diary
comments:  Heather... one of the most unique people I've ever met. Totally great.
myagi    profile - diary
comments:  Mizzah... former teacher/good friend number two, who I need to see more.
andrea3521    profile - diary
comments:  Andrea... she's a big slug. and I didn't know she could run a red light.
princesjazmo    profile - diary
talkingmoon    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Depeche Mode
comments:  The best band you will ever hear. Synth-pop at its pinnacle.
Duran Duran
comments:  One of the best new wave bands out there, awesome synth music!!!
Reba McEntire
comments:  The number one country singer in my eyes. Her voice is beautiful, and her TV show is funny as heck.
Fleetwood Mac
comments:  Fleetwood Mac... they just rock. That's all you have to know. Stevie Nicks is one of the best singers I've ever heard in my life. And Christine McVie is a pimp!
so many other artists!
comments:  There's not enough room to list the rest. I listen to basically anything from the 50s through now. But not rap. Eww.

My favorite movies:

The Breakfast Club
comments:  I don't care what your favorite movie is. The Breakfast Club pwns it. Best movie ever.
Romy And Micheles High School Reunion
comments:  "And what a bitch taking your hamburger, I mean what was that about?"
The Wedding Singer
comments:  "Hey Linda! You're a bitch!" "....he might have Tourette's, we're looking into it."
many more 80s movies
comments:  Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, St. Elmo's Fire, Flashdance, The Goonies, Back To The Future, The Breakfast Club, Splash, Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Footloose, Troop Beverly Hills... the list goes on and on!

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments:  Harry Potter pwns, kthxbi. God, book 6 is so fricking awesome.
R.L Stine
comments:  Fear Street... way predictable, but still a blast to read.

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