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My favorite diaries:

newthrash    profile - diary
comments:  i love her point of view. and i'm not just talking about the 2nd person narrative. even though that by itself is altogether brilliant, this girl's life is most intriguing.
funnyfrog    profile - diary
comments:  ah ha, yes! LORIs of the world unite! this girl is bitterly fun and creative--check out her artwork; it's great.
thepeachtree    profile - diary
comments:  jessica is wonderful. i read every word she writes. not to sound arrogant, but she reminds me of me when i was 17.
ediblmercury    profile - diary
comments:  another lori. whoot whoot.
thecritic    profile - diary
comments:  i want to hug and kiss this boy for being so funny and clever. definitely not a boring read.
charliemo    profile - diary
comments:  we live in the same town. we even know the same people. yet we do not know each other. i wouldn't mind working on that.
sodakid    profile - diary
lobsterchick    profile - diary
soverycherry    profile - diary
harrydicktom    profile - diary
lorilabcoat    profile - diary
comments:  the old me.
lisalabcoat    profile - diary
comments:  the old me's best friend. we were in a band together.
imaradiostar    profile - diary
comments:  jamie, jamie, jamie...he's quickly becoming one of my favorite late-night conversationalists
geeky-kiki    profile - diary
callmyname    profile - diary
chubbychic    profile - diary
eistelos    profile - diary
comments:  jamie, part deux
vamosajugar    profile - diary
hotshot617    profile - diary
ginpalace    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  foo fighters+mates of state+the postal service+the mars volta+and you will know us by the trail of dead+dismemberment plan+JSBX+trailer bride+wilco+flaming lips+fountains of wayne+the delgados+calexico+taking back sunday+the high strung
comments:  ben folds+ben kweller+noise addict+the kostars+beach boys+david bowie+the shins+sleater-kinney+all girl summer fun band+liz phair+junior senior+modest mouse+josh rouse+rev. horton heat+GvsB+the new pornographers+glassjaw
comments:  hopesfall+johnny cash+elton john+billy joel+metric+my chemical romance+forget cassettes+radiohead+supergrass+the softies+the microphones+superchunk+neutral milk hotel+sebadoh+ryan adams+burt bacharach+le tigre
the replacements
comments:  jimmy eat world+beck+bjork+of montreal+the pixies+talking heads+self+the features+feable weiner+aireline+imaginary baseball league+pinback+jason loewenstein+the kostars+elliott smith+bob dylan+MC5+sonic youth+trailer bride+frank zappa+PGMG+cat power
beastie boys
comments:  big star+the libertines+northstar+eels+desaparecidos+nirvana+appleseed cast+jeff buckley+the cramps+the troggs+yo la tengo+elvis costello+cheap trick+iron maiden+grandaddy+the cars+old r.e.m.+the minus 5+the posies+portishead+prince+depeche mode+failure

My favorite movies:

comments:  butch cassidy and the sundance kid-cool hand luke-the anniversary party-waiting for guffman-the jerk-caddyshack-this is spinal tap-sleepaway camp-heathers-major league-life is beautiful-run lola run-amelie-kicking and screaming-life of brian
royal tenenbaums
comments:   field of dreams-ferris bueller's day off-clockwatchers-happiness-magnolia-krush groove-neverending story-steel magnolias-can't hardly wait-bottle rocket-the truth about cats and dogs-casino-fight club-history of the world-dead poets society
donnie darko
comments:  taxi driver-top gun-punch drunk love-the odd couple-bad news bears-the graduate-a streetcar named desire-the shining-big-four rooms-the virgin suicides-shallow grave-the princess bride-coal miner's daughter-beetlejuice-being john malkovich
comments:  one flew over the cukoo's nest-bonnie & clyde-annie hall-north by northwest-raiders of the lost ark-fargo-mr. smith goes to washington-carrie-prom night-christmas vacation-the hustler-best in show-much ado about nothing-american psycho
a christmas story
comments:  wet hot american summer-the cable guy-fast times at ridgemont high-american beauty-revenge of the nerds-friday the 13th-poltergeist-high fidelity-orange county-what's eating gilbert grape?-old school-singles-pi-a bronx tale-good will hunting

My favorite authors:

angus oblong
susan faludi
james joyce
david sedaris
sarah vowell
comments:  tom stoppard-samuel beckett-steve martin-s.e. hinton-virginia woolf-shirley jackson-george orwell-alexander solhenitsyn-marge piercy-john steinbeck-william faulkner-flannery o'connor-sylvia plath-douglas coupland

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