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Avarice (I Want, I Want)

Eat your heart out, de Tocqueville.

My favorite diaries:

poppyfish    profile - diary
comments:  endearing. delightful. my favorite. and to be honest, I'm addicted. If I could get her to like herself as much as I like her, it might be a just world.
orthodox    profile - diary
comments:  speaking in verses
bitchslapped    profile - diary
comments:  but that she would update. . .
glancedwatch    profile - diary
comments:  M on the tight rope
trasker    profile - diary
xander    profile - diary
comments:  Jerry: you said that if I could be happy, anyone could. Well, then? I love Jerry.
brambleseed    profile - diary
comments:  the gay burrito
jadedbelle    profile - diary
comments:  beautiful, intelligent, sporadic entries
cookie-2969    profile - diary
comments:  chiquite banana, my baby bwotha
hasmeen    profile - diary
comments:  Jasmine
talkingmoon    profile - diary
comments:  makes me feel shy
mamaloza    profile - diary
comments:  methodic Michele (bad-ass high school teacher)
exalt    profile - diary
comments:  my designer is quite the read
mindshare    profile - diary
comments:  straight-forward and makes me feel a little less alone in what I'm thinking. . . creepy.

My favorite music:

comments:  hey there giuliani
The Blow
comments:  play the good deed monster til your head falls off
Neutral Milk Hotel
comments:  two headed boy
comments:  I promise never to get paint on my glasses again.
Phil Elvrum
comments:  who are you voice in headphones?

My favorite movies:

The Dreamlife of Angels
comments:  fuck. saw it again.
Meet the Feebles
comments:  the funniest, and possibly the most revolting movie about puppets ever made. Same guy that made Lord of the Ring. Scary shit.
Waking Life
comments:  self-realization: knowing you are a character in somebody else's dream.
Harold and Maude
comments:  oh!
comments:  No one's little weasel.

My favorite authors:

Rainer Maria Rilke
comments:  ". . . for here there is no space that does not see you. You must change your life."
Jeanette Winterson
comments:  the word.
Laurie Sheck
comments:  Rapture is seeing.
Alan Lightman
comments:  Einstein's Dreams
James Joyce
comments:  oh, intermodel. . .

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