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Married, 2 sons - one in college, one all growed up. Live in upstate NY (the part with cows) with my wife of 27.3 years in our newly emptied nest. Generally trying to love life. Oh yeah - quit smoking Aug. 22, 2004 @ 7:00pm, but who's counting? Seem to have replaced my nicotine addiction with an obsession to work out & get healthy - even if it kills me.



My favorite diaries:

Mom-on-Roof    profile - diary
comments:  Bundle of energy, creative writer, too funny (re-located)
aliannmil    profile - diary
comments:  She just writes so gracefully. Kind, gentle soul.
Grouse    profile - diary
comments:  Gets a lot of mileage out of few words, excellent photographer
Joiedv    profile - diary
comments:  The California view (also relocated)
Marn    profile - diary
comments:  Doesn't write often, but when she does, it's good.
sunpowered    profile - diary
comments:  A different view. I like the images she paints with her words.
Pennyjar    profile - diary
comments:  Just, just, just, wow. Keep her off the caffeine. Please. (also relocated)
azzweepay    profile - diary
comments:  working into shape?
blueyedmom    profile - diary
comments:  Just trying to get along
gr8chick    profile - diary
comments:  we share some demons
becca27    profile - diary
annanotbob    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  crisp & clean
The Who
comments:  Keith Moon is still the baddest drummer ever
comments:  Well, right up to all that Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto crap. Darn Dennis DeYoung
The Doobie Brothers
comments:  Well, right up to all that mushy sing songy crap at the end of their career. Darn Michael McDonald
Flatt & Scruggs
comments:  Weird after those first 4, eh?

My favorite movies:

Midnight Express
comments:  How did this never get any awards or nominations even?? Watch it on DVD, would ya?
comments:  Man, don't piss off the Scots
comments:  Great movie about Nam (where Nike stole their slogan, Do it)
comments:  Powerful movie. Made me tear up a bit towards the end.

My favorite authors:

Isaac Asimov
comments:  Practically the father of science fiction (well, after Jules Verne)
Ray Bradbury
comments:  Right behind Asimov
Stephen R. Donaldson
comments:  3 or 4 new Covenant books coming out!!
Robert Ludlum
comments:  Great for summer reads

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