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.My Life... in the Real World.

When life throws you a lemon, squeeze the juice into a squirt gun and shoot people in the eye.



My favorite diaries:

jwinokur    profile - diary
comments:  Awesome man doing awesome things...talented singer and photographer...is there anything he can't do? *swoon*
hissandtell    profile - diary
comments:  Delightful blend of naughty and nice!
myownjourney    profile - diary
comments:  If only marriage were an option...
iamjackslie    profile - diary
comments:  This intrigues me in a very entertaining manner. I like it.
kungfukitten    profile - diary
comments:  I've been reading in secret for too long. It's time to go public...
emotionalist    profile - diary
comments:  I was sold with 'Oct. 14, 2006 (7:57 pm)'.
errantnights    profile - diary
comments:  Because he says everything right.
fuckxthis    profile - diary
comments:  Took the words right out of my mouth.
atwowaydream    profile - diary
comments:  "...every girl whispers the slithers of the strings of their undoing."
my-serenade    profile - diary
comments:  Writing in the way that I always wished I could.
raven72d    profile - diary
comments:  Eloquently intelligent, leaving me wish that I had read more...
cloudy-night    profile - diary
comments:  So similar, it seems, regardless of opposite genders.
matt    profile - diary
comments:  Living a new adventure.
mrbradley    profile - diary
comments:  He doesn't have a Facebook, and neither do I. That is reason enough for me.
defaults    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Third Eye Blind
comments:  "...and then she flexes her knees, to try and abate the feeling..."
Evans Blue
comments:  "...I'm guarded, I'm fragile - but if anyone could ever save me now, you can..."
Luke Joyce
comments:  I basically love every musical whim he's taken in the last four years.
She Wants Revenge
comments:  "...you can hurt me, do whatever you'd like..."
comments:  ...basically everything. 'Your Love' by The Outfield is my favorite song, ever.

My favorite movies:

Boondock Saints
comments:  I believe that this is the best movie I've seen in a very long time. There is more than just the movie itself that gets me, though. The situation too.
The Professional
comments:  This movie makes me cry SO hard at the end.
The Labyrinth
comments:  Yes, I fell in love with David Bowie because of this movie. Yes, there is still a weak spot.
Vampire Hunter D
comments:  A little anime never hurt anyone.
comments:  I'm your Huckleberry.

My favorite authors:

Jack London
comments:  I have overcome my distaste for him. I am once again in awe of his works.
Robert Frost
comments:  His poems are so great, even though nature isn't my thing.
e.e. cummings
comments:  After a poetry analysis for forensics class, I fell in love with his works. So sweet..."since feeling is first" is my all-time favorite poem now.
Charles Bukowski
comments:  I love his work more than I love e.e. cummings' work. And that is saying a lot.

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