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from politiko :
That's adorable.
from coldandgray :
don't leave me!!
from coldandgray :
If you are wondering why comments are not sticking, when I try to leave one it says: Sorry, this user does not have an up to date supergold membership, so their comments are turned off. Click here to upgrade! -- I quite liked the entry writting on the jacket bag.
from f-i-n :
Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad that somebody reads it...and gets it.
from dandlioneyes :
hey, found your site through coldandgray, and just wanted to say i'll be reading along! have a great day!
from coldandgray :
Nope sorry, the link takes me to your site, but the thing is empty, no pictures...
from star-critics :
Just trying to spread our *new review site* around. Interested? If not, that's okay too... Hope to hear from you... Love, Star - Critics
from coldandgray :
Thank you so much for your comments. I am sorry to hear about your Dad, but it is an interesting connection to your daughter's birth.
from kiss-reviews :
wowwwww MUCH of an improvement. i LOVEEE it x33 ! congratz.
from kiss-reviews :
♥ your review is up!!
from kiss-reviews :
hi ♥ i just opened a review site .. please check it out ♥
from harri3tspy :
Thanks for your note. Coincidentally, I have been reading YOUR archives today, having clicked through from a banner. Thanks for writing.
from vickithecute :
I agree with you, I don't like the word "smoothie" either. I wouldn't worry too much about the diet though, sounds like you're doing great making sure she eats well and is well nourished.
from coldandgray :
Aah! My worst nightmare!
from vickithecute :
Nope, you're not alone. I'm happy...but I feel like if I ACT happy around people who are NOT, then I'm gloating. What's a girl to do? Anyway, I like your 'tude, so I'm adding you to my faves!
from silentforest :
No, you aren't alone in this conflict of happiness guilt, not by far. Ever wish you could give some of it away? I do. And then, at the same time, I want to make it last forever. Sound familiar? Oh well. You asked, so I answered.
from twistedgrace :
thanks for the encouragement- it's messy, this whole healing/getting-over-it thing. hopefully i'll be a better me when i come out the other side...take care :)

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